Hunting violations consistent in South Dakota

Hunting violations consistent in South Dakota Most of South Dakota's hunters do not violate the state's hunting laws and regulations, however state Game, Fish and Parks officials say a few, whether by accident or design, do commit violations while hunting.

"Hunting violations are relatively consistent from year to year," said Law Enforcement Specialist Dave McCrea. "Although some violations are blatantly intentional, like exceeding a daily or possession limit of birds, or a nonresident purchasing a resident license, many violations occur out of ignorance, because a person simply did not take the time to learn the regulation."

According to McCrea, South Dakota's most common hunting violations are:

1) Dove season: Hunting doves within 50 yards of a public road and underage dove hunting. Another dove season problem is shooting doves from a motor vehicle.

"Many young hunters do not realize how incredibly vulnerable the dove season is," McCrea said. "In the early 1970s, dove hunting was banned statewide by a public vote, and the current season is only in place because of the dedicated effort of hundreds of South Dakota sportsmen and women. This explains why dove hunting has several specific regulations not found in other seasons. It is the hunter's responsibility to know and obey these laws to protect the future of dove hunting in our state."

2) Pheasant season: Road hunting and shooting within 660 feet of occupied dwellings, trespassing, gun protrusion/shooting from a motor vehicle and transporting birds without sufficient plumage violations.

Because of the high number of hunters who take to the field, the pheasant season is probably the one season in particular that puts landowner/sportsmen relations to the test. McCrea said that it is important for hunters to respect private property and landowner wishes at all times and to stay a safe distance from occupied dwellings and livestock when hunting road rights-of-way.

3) Deer and other big game animals: Hunting from a public road, trespassing, shooting from a motor vehicle and using a motor vehicle to chase or pursue big game.

To avoid problems during a big game hunt, hunters are reminded to seek permission from private landowners before entering private property and to pursue their quarry on foot rather than with a vehicle.

"For those who simply refuse to follow the rules," McCrea added, "the department will again be using wildlife enforcement replicas (decoys) to enforce the big game hunting laws this fall."

4) Waterfowl: Hunting/possessing lead shot and hunting after legal shooting hours.

"Waterfowl hunting opportunities abound in South Dakota, however, Game, Fish and Parks officials still encounter problems with hunters who continue to use lead shot or who can not seem to resist taking a shot after shooting hours have ended," McCrea said.

Hunting waterfowl with lead shot is illegal because it continues to poison and kill birds long after the hunt is over. Also, hunting after legal shooting hours makes duck identification difficult, which could lead to an over-limit violation or the shooting of a protected species of bird.

"The darker it gets, the more likely it is the hunter will not be able to find the bird," McCrea cautioned. "Using non-toxic shot and ending your hunt at sunset are two of the most well known waterfowl hunting laws, and there really is no excuse for breaking either one."

Hunters are reminded that the most common regulations governing hunting are printed in the 2002 Hunting Handbook. Hunters do find some regulations confusing, so they should contact their local conservation officer or GFP office if they have a question.

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Sunday, Oct. 20

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Thursday, Oct. 17

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Late Night Doubles League

Thursday, Oct. 24

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Annis/Kruse 496

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Kevin Annis 274

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Chuck Turner 626

Kevin Solberg 621

Layne Stewart 603

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