Knudson nominated as ‘scholar-athlete’

Knudson nominated as 'scholar-athlete' High school is a vital time for teenagers as they develop self discipline, set goals and build confidence to help them achieve success in all walks of life: as students, athletes, role models and leaders in their communities.

With this in mind, Wendy's Old-fashioned Hamburger Restaurants created a program that honors the nation's top high school seniors who best exemplify a supreme "scholar-citizen-athlete."

Wakonda High School's Lindsay Knudson has been nominated by the secondary staff for her academic aptitude, athletic talent and tremendous display of commitment in and out of the classroom setting. This promising young leader represents the very best Wakonda has to offer, as she is recognized for her achievements and outstanding levels of commitment to her teachers, classmates and community.

"These students are truly in a league of their own," said Archie Griffin, the only two time winner of the prestigious Heisman Trophy and program spokesperson. "Each student nominated for this award has gone above and beyond expectations to help those in need, enhance their education and pursue their dreams."

The program, now entering its ninth year, was created through a partnership between Wendy's, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and the Downtown Athletic Club (DAC) � the home of the Heismen Memorial Trophy, in 1994

The Wendy's High School Heisman Program recognizes high school seniors nationwide who have learned to collaborate and appreciate the interrelation of academics, athletics and community service.

Knudson has enhanced the quality of life, inspired others and embodied the ideal characteristics of today's leading youth.

She was nominated for this program based on the following accomplishments: Sports � basketball, volleyball, and track. Awards � All-conference honorable mention in volleyball and honor roll. Clubs � Teens In Action (president), Peer Helpers, band, chorus, and school plays.

Schools can also receive something in this program � Wendy's awards money to schools that have students who become national finalists or national winners. It's a great way to thank high schools for contributing to their students' individual achievements and invest in future educations. Schools can receive anywhere from $1,000-$2,500.

Principals from across the country estimated 23,000 high schools were invited to nominate one male and one female student who fulfilled the minimum program requirements. Students are judged based on academic achievements, community service involvement and athletic accomplishments.

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