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Letters to the Editor Thieves spoil Halloween fun

To the editor:

To whoever broke into the haunted house in lower Vermillion late Friday or early Saturday the weekend of Oct. 25 and stole the audio and lighting equipment, I hope you read this.

You not only stole from one of the most talented and creative families in the area, you stole from the entire community by depriving this family of one of their means for sharing these talents.

I attended the haunted house Friday evening, Oct. 25. Being familiar with the Begley family�s talents I was not surprised to find this year�s event amazing and brilliant as usual. (Cheers to the high school drama department for their theatrical energy as well.)

Before I went through the house, I saw groups of children leaving with one of them exclaiming that is was, �way too cool!�

Whoever broke into the house and took the equipment, because of your selfish actions, no other children will experience this thrill.

I wouldn�t blame the Begleys if they shy away from ever doing a haunted house again in Vermillion. And that would truly be a loss for the whole community.

Bruce Gray


Suggested Chestnut alternative won�t work

To the editor:

We�ve all been subjected now for weeks, months and even years to the negative attitude of a few of Vermillion�s citizens to the idea of constructing a modern and safe Chestnut Street along Vermillion�s south side. They have been suggesting the city of Vermillion foolishly wants to spend $1.3 million on this construction project when they have a plan for getting the job done for $300,000. What they haven�t been saying is what Vermillion will get for their $300,000.

There isn�t a completed plan of construction for a $300,000 upgrade of Chestnut Street and there never has been. According to city sources, the consulting engineers were asked for an �off the cuff� estimate of costs for merely laying a concrete pad on the existing roadway and grade, along with curb and gutter on one side of the street. Three hundred thousand dollars was the figure given to the council. And this was evidently picked up by the opposition to the original project as a plan to upgrade the street.

What you would get for the estimated $300,000 street would be a cement surface, 19.5 feet wide with a curb and gutter on one side, according to the engineers. With this treatment you would also get a street that COULD NOT be designated as a truck route because two large trucks could not begin to safely meet on a contained surface this narrow.

All trucks would then be forced to use the already designated truck route that takes them through town and past Jolley School. Currently, trucks have been using Chestnut whenever possible as the more direct and convenient route for east and west bound passage through Vermillion on the south side.

It�s unfortunate the proposed street is alongside a railroad track that creates a problem that adds about $900,000 to the costs of construction, but it does and there is no other way around the problem. Some stretches of most new roads and streets can create problems out of the ordinary that increase the costs for that piece of road. Chestnut certainly is one of them. However, Chestnut is an important segment of Clay County�s farm to market system, as well as an important artery for Vermillion commerce in safely moving truck traffic into and through Vermillion. To construct a roadway that wouldn�t begin to meet state and federal requirements is truly a foolish waste of taxpayer�s money.

Please vote �FOR� the condemnation proceedings that will allow Vermillion to proceed with its plans to build a safe and convenient east and west truck route where it belongs on the city�s south side.


Bill Willroth Sr.

Johnson protects hunters� privileges

To the editor:

If Sen. Tim Johnson is re-elected in South Dakota my nightmare will end. Literally, I was frightened recently by a nightmare of someone chasing me with a gun. As I was explaining this dream to my husband it dawned on me where it came from: John Thune�s gun ads that have been storming my mailbox.

The ads claim Sen. Johnson�s vote for the Brady Bill threatens hunter�s rights. The Brady Bill is a common-sense bill that prohibits your neighbor from owning an ouzie.

It scares me that Rep. Thune would not stand up for prudent legislation like the Brady Bill. Let�s make sure than only decent folks own sensible weapons. Sen. Johnson is a hunter; he would never let anyone take our hunting privileges.

This November, let�s vote for a politician who has the brawn to stand up for legislation that keeps us safe, and the brains to keep looking out for South Dakota.

L. Grace Freeman


Honor our nation�s veterans

To the editor:

This Veterans Day, we honor the long line of men and women who have served in our nation�s armed forces. More than half of the 48 million Americans who have served since the Revolutionary War are with us today. They range from a few hundred World War I veterans (all more than 100 years old) to recent high school graduates serving on military duty around the world in our nation�s war on terrorism.

This is a proud line of service, as strong as our belief in freedom and as enduring as our history as a free people. Thanks to our veterans, it is also an unbroken line. Veterans Day is about thanking our veterans and their enduring strength and courage. Our nation endures because they endured. We remain free because they served when duty called.

Employees in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enjoy serving and caring for our veterans because we believe it is the noblest mission in government. Public interest and public support make that possible and each citizen can do his and her part on Veterans Day. Show veterans you care. Fly the flag. Attend a Veterans Day ceremony. Honor the veterans where you work, go to school, worship, and those in your family.

Most important of all is that you say thanks for our liberty and freedom and acknowledge the great price it cost.


Ray A. Hofman

Clay County Veterans Service Officer

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