Letters to the Editor #5

Letters to the Editor #5 Thune is for accountable government

To the editor:

As a native of South Dakota and a graduate of The University of South Dakota, I have an interest in the U.S. Senate race in my home state. It is urgent that U.S. Rep. John Thune be elected this November to the U.S. Senate.

I notice on my trips to my home state over time that the state is flooded with brochures and ads from the Democrats promising to give, give, give federal monies. Sadly, it seems to work. When elected the Democrats from South Dakota to Congress change from conservative campaigning, too, to mega liberals on all issues. It is so sad to see the people duped.

It is now South Dakota�s chance to correct this Democrat scam of big government in DC and common sense within the state.

John Thune is for accountable, limited government, pro-life, supports the second amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights and is in touch with South Dakotans who prefer responsible freedom over total government.

The U.S. Senate, today, controlled by the left-Democrats, control the nomination of U.S. judges and deny good Constitutional judges from appointment. This is a disgrace.

South Dakotans and our country deserve better representation than the Democrats who ignore the wishes of the good people of a good state.

Vote and elect a real South Dakotan with respect for life, liberty, responsible government to the U.S. Senate to make us proud again of our state.

What an opportunity you have in my home state of South Dakota to make a difference for freedom and truth and reject the liberal socialism of the present Democratic party. America and South Dakota needs the qualified candidate, John Thune, in the U.S. Senate.

In the motto of Wisconsin, �Forward� to elect John Thune your new U.S. Senator will benefit all.

Gene Malone


Long is most qualified

To the editor:

While I have never previously written a letter to the editor in support of a candidate for public office, I feel compelled to write and ask Clay County voters to join me in supporting Larry Long for attorney general.

Larry Long has the unprecedented endorsement of 60 of the 65 county state�s attorneys. Long�s support crosses party lines and for good reason � he has 30 years experience in prosecuting crime and protecting consumer rights. He has handled innumerable high-profile civil lawsuits in his capacity as chief deputy attorney general, including matters involving livestock price reporting and the sale of the state cement plant.

He is the prosecutor who put Robert LeRoy Anderson behind bars for the murders of Piper Streyle and Larisa Dumansky. Larry has no desire to use the attorney general�s office as a �stepping stone� for higher office and has said so. His sole concern is, and always will be, protecting the people of this state.

If you�re still not convinced, please consider this � neither of Long�s opponents has ever prosecuted a case. We need a prosecutor, not a politician, in the office of attorney general. Please join me in voting for Larry Long for attorney general on Nov. 5.

Tami Bern


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