Letters to the Editor #7

Letters to the Editor #7 Johnson doesn�t vote pro-life

To the editor:

I am responding to a letter from last week about Sen. Tim Johnson. One item caught my attention in particular. The letter states that �he (Sen. Johnson) is not pro-abortion.� I have a difficult time reconciling his voting record with this statement.

Sen. Johnson voted to affirm the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision establishing abortion as a constitutional right that should not be overturned (10/21/99, Harkin Amendment to S1692, roll call 337).

Sen. Johnson voted five times to enable U.S. military hospitals and clinics to perform abortions: (6/21/02, Murray/ Snowe Amendment to S2514, roll call 160; 6/20/00, Murray Amendment to S2549, roll call 134; 5/26/99, Murray/Snowe Amendment to S1059, roll call 148; 6/25/98, Murray/Snowe Amendment to S2057, roll call 176; 7/10/97, Murray/Snowe Amendment to S936, roll call 167).

Sen. Johnson voted twice against an amendment that would prohibit funding for abortions or for administrative expenses of federal health plans that provide coverage for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or where the life of the mother is in jeopardy (7/1/99, DeWine Amendment to S1282, roll call 197; 7/22/97, DeWine Amendment, roll call 190).

While I don�t doubt for a moment the sincerity of the letter-writer�s conviction that Sen. Johnson �is not pro-abortion,� I have to point out that he certainly doesn�t vote like someone who is pro-life.

Kent Anderson


Vote ?yes� for Chestnut

To the editor:

The Chestnut Street Project is going to be done. Do it right and the sooner the better as delay only drives the cost up. The road has always been like a washboard and a bottleneck for years for the east-west traffic.

A retaining wall should not present an architectural design problem. The retaining wall could be designed similar to the retaining walls in northwest Sioux Falls or like the I-229 bypass.

Chestnut Street was a problem before the dissenters came into the picture and the street will be there after the dissenters are no longer in the picture. Vote �yes� for the Chestnut Street Project that is long overdue.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Green,

Co-chairman Newcastle/Vermillion Missouri River Bridge

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