Light shines at Wakonda School

Light shines at Wakonda School by Ashley Anderson Stephanie Light, also known as Stevie Lee, has been teaching at Wakonda School since 1992.

She was born in Sioux Falls in 1956. She grew up there as well as at Lake Madison in the summer.

Her best friends in her childhood years � Teeta and Sandy � are still friends today.

Her biggest and funniest prank was raising a kid up a flagpole by his belt loops, and then throwing rotten apples at him.

One thing she wishes to do someday is to travel and see the ocean.

Her biggest ambition was to become a cellist in the South Dakota symphony. The orchestra was the only thing she was ever involved in.

Her biggest regret is having waited until age 34 to go to college. She has taught in Vermillion and Andes Central, and now teaches special education in Wakonda.

Light is best known for her laugh. She wants to be remembered as one who was willing to try everything and laugh, when she couldn't do it.

Light has been married to her husband for 25 years. Her advice to next year's graduates is, "Go for it!"

She has learned that having a smile and a positive attitude will keep you going.

The proudest moment in her career was when she received a letter from a student explaining why he thought she was his "door in the wall."

A memorable teaching experience, she said, is when a student who didn't know his ABC's or the sounds at the beginning of the year told her "Hey, you know what? These sounds make words!"

Anytime the light comes on inside a child, she is thrilled.

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