Local foundation governed by a new board of directors

Local foundation governed by a new board of directors In August 2002, the Vermillion Area Community Foundation created its first slate of board members who represent local organizations throughout the community. The Vermillion Area Community Foundation is a part of the South Dakota Community Foundation and focuses on attracting and distributing charitable gifts to improve economic development and the overall quality of life in the Vermillion area.

Officers of the newly created board include Rollie French, board chair, Fern Kaufman, secretary (Dakota Hospital Association and Foundation), and Jeanette Hubert, treasurer (a member of the Vermillion banking community).

Other members of the board are Roger Kozak (Vermillion City Council), LuAnn Ouelette (Civic Council), Julie Potter (Vermillion Lions Club), F.M. Marshall (Vermillion Rotary Club), Young Moore (Senior Citizens Services, Inc.), Robert Mayor (Vermillion Public School Board and United Way), Michelle Lavallee (The University of South Dakota), Evelyn Schlenker (Vermillion Area Arts Council), and John Paulson (Vermillion Development Company).

The late Governor George S. Mickelson created The South Dakota Community Foundation in 1987, as a key part of his vision for the state of South Dakota. Initial funding was provided through The McKnight Foundation, 3M Corporation and the state of South Dakota. Today there is more than $30 million invested, the earnings of which are awarded to non-profit and charitable organizations throughout the state, benefiting generations of South Dakotans for years to come.

The Vermillion Area Community Foundation must raise $100,000 by Oct. 31, 2003, in order to receive matching funds of $25,000 from The South Dakota Community Foundation. To date, Vermillion has raised $73,200 or 73 percent of the total required for the match. The new board is soliciting support and plans to make contacts to identify the most worthwhile projects to fund as dollars become available.

The board anticipates accepting applications for grants within the next two to three years. During the next 10 years, the foundation hopes to grow the fund to $1,000,000 which will provide income to support the many worthwhile projects in the Vermillion community.

The new board has three objectives which include: 1) To receive gifts and bequests for investment in the Vermillion-Area Community Foundation 2) To develop and administer other sub-funds within the Vermillion area community that the board may approve and 3) To disburse earned income to community applicants or projects approved by the board.

Please send your gifts to the Vermillion Area Community Foundation at P.O. Box 342, Vermillion, SD 57069. For more information, contact Young Moore at 624-2927 or Rollie French at 624-4220.

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