Sioux Wheelers will raise funds for clinic

Sioux Wheelers will raise funds for clinic The Sioux Falls area "Sioux Wheelers" will be in Centerville on Sunday, Nov. 3 to play wheelchair basketball against teams from the Centerville and Viborg communities. The Sioux Wheeler's Manager, Dick Neu, said "they had a great time in Centerville a few years ago and look forward to coming back."

Local talent will provide the half-time entertainment, and rumor has it, "there may be more surprises in store for the fans," said Jean Peterson, clinic manager. The basketball game will begin at 3 p.m. and will be followed by a free-will donation supper of taverns, hot dogs, chili dogs, chips, bars, and drink. Admission to the game is $2 per person or $10 per family.

The Centerville Medical Clinic and Centerville Community Pharmacy expansion and remodeling project is complete and has given a new look on the main street of Centerville.

"Our customers and patients have been so supportive and patient throughout this project, and the wait was worth it. We are proud of our clinic and pharmacy and invite everyone to come in and take a look," Peterson said.

The Clinic and Pharmacy Steering Committee encourages everyone to join them to cheer for their favorite Pioneer Memorial doctors, P.A.s, nurses, and employees, Centerville school members, Good Samaritan Center employees, and surprise teams. Mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov. 3 beginning at 3 p.m. and join the community and the "Sioux Wheelers" at the Centerville School Gym, Centerville, for an outstanding afternoon of fun and laughter.

Proceeds from the basketball event will be donated to the Centerville Medical Clinic and Centerville Pharmacy remodeling project.

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