Staff spotlight is on Neva Morgen

Staff spotlight is on Neva Morgen by Angelene Crissey Also known as Granny or Grandma, Neva Morgen was born in 1947 in Yankton.

She has been a custodian and concessions manager at WHS for 26 years and is still going strong. One could not imagine Wakonda School without Morgen's caring hugs, famous potato salad, and yummy Neva Dogs.

Morgen's ambition is to be a good, kind, helpful and loving parent, grandparent, and friend. Her pet peeve is lying and laziness; she hates people that are not willing to work together.

Her favorite moment would be her 50th birthday surprise party, but she doesn't want to share her most 'embarrassing' moment.

Morgen's favorite music has one theme: Elvis, and he seems to star in her favorite movies as well. Her last words would be, "Practice what you preach! Don't judge anyone."

One of her best lessons in life is that things will work out in the end.

She is most proud that she's had the same job for 26 years; being able to make and keep so many friends, (along with the memories); and being "grandma" to so many kids.

Morgen has a big family, mostly consisting of daughters. They include: Kelly and Lee Tjerdsma and grandsons James and Matthew, of Avon; Tracy and Glen Taggart and grandchildren Michael, Aaron, and Stacie, of Wakonda; Kristi and Monte Wagner and grandchildren Josh, Cody, Tate, and Hailey, of Wakonda.

Morgen also has a sister Cardi, with her husband Dennis Meyer and their children Steve, Val, and Scott, of Tea, Sioux Falls, and Salem.

Her most memorable experience is getting the "Friend of Boys Basketball" award last year with the bonus of a hug from each player; plus the B-team running over with a hug, too. She didn't even know ahead of time about it; everyone kept it a secret!

Friends Morgen won't forget are Carol Vognild, Charlie, J.R. Mayer, Verna Nelson, and all the staff and kids at school. Morgen's advice for next year's graduates is, "Work hard � be careful, and know that we are always here for you!"

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