Students write ‘What’s great about my school’

Students write 'What's great about my school' November 17-23 marked the 81st annual observance of American Education Week � a time for saluting our public schools and their relationships between teachers, students and parents.

The theme for this year's celebration, "Making Public Schools Great for Every Child!" reflects the combined commitment to all students. One of the activities the Vermillion School District chose was for students K-5 to write "What's Great about my School."

Here is a sample of what the students wrote about the Vermillion School District:


Recess is great!


I like to color.


Learning to read.


I like the number people. I like centers, my friends, and my teachers.


Meeting and making new friends.


First Grade

What I like about school is ? reaing, recess, centers and math. I like math becase I like adding numbers up to other numbers. I like recess becase I like to play with other kids on the playground. I like centers becase they are fun and you go to different centers. I like reading other words and you can learn more words too.


The best thing in school is doing free reading at the book nook. The other best thing in school is doing centers because they're fun!!! I like the writing center.


I like to read unplgged books. And it is fun! If you do it you are a responsible person. Reading is fun! That is the best!


I think Austin School is great because it is fun. And of corse teacher. I love the food at school.


I love school it is fun Because you get to learn and you get to Read and it is very fun and I love how the teachers are so nice and I love to learn.


Second Grade

I like Flag Friday because it is my dream to sing up there and wear the necklace. I like to listen to the music, it is nice. It is fun to sing and listen to the music. We pledge to the flag too.


"What's so great about my school?" you ask? Well if you really want to know, I guess I've got to tell you then. Well I really like pretty much everything. My favorite things about school are ? reading round-up, math, doing the news, taking the flag up and down, resess, assembellys, and of course reading. I LOVE TO READ! I have a great school!


My favorite part is show and tell. We learn things about me and my class.

Recess I play with my best buddy Brooke. We play Beanie Bay babies or swing or dig.

Art rite now I am workin on my house it is really fun.

Media is where you go to get books I love media.

Frinds my buddys are Brooke and Blair. they would do evry thing for me. it makes me feel really good when I have frinds.


In school you can learn most of the things you need to know in life. It's also a place where you can have fun, too. You can learn to rad and write. Math is my favorite thing in school.


Well, I like computer class because it's fun. Because it also has games. And, I like the lunch. And on Friday we have pizza! And, I love that in every class we have a drinking fountain!

Third Grade

Jolley school is great because we have the best learning teachers in the world they are so nice!!! Like Mrs. Fishbach she play the best games, Mrs. Berback lets us play our recarters, they are fun to play. Mrs. Johnson is the best artist ever. She should be a pro at art.


I think my school is great! All the kids are smily and nice and are good friends and classmates. All the teachers are nice too! They help you on things that you are struggling with and all of them have unique ways of solving problems. In math if I'm stuck on 8×8 a teacher would come to help me. In reading if I can't read a word a teacher would help me out. In history if I didn't know who Amerigo Vespucci was a teacher would come and tell me. If a teacher couldn't find her book I'd help a teacher. At resess if I get hurt a teacher always comes and lets me go to the nurse. Whenever I go to the nurse with a bloody nose she always gets me a klenex and asks me if I need to wash my hands and wet my klenex. It is a great place to learn! I like the Jolley School News. The Jolley School News is a news show that is on in Jolley School after the second bell. It tells you what your having for lunch and lots of other stuff. My favorite subjects are math, reading, history, music and spelling. I like specials too! I love going to the library and choosing a book from all of the wonderful books. I JUST LOVE MY SCHOOL!


What's great about my school is that there are a lot of people to be friends with. I like the teachers that I had so far. We do some math too and math is my favorite subject. I like history too.

One thing I like about school is music and pe. My classes Rules are 1. Work quietly. 2. Follow directions. 3. Always use good manners. 4. Raise your hand before speaking. 5. Listen when others are speaking. 6. Keep your hands feet and objects to yourself.

I like school alot. I liked every year of school so far. School is the funest thing I do during the week. I like the principal a lot to. I bet it is had being a principal.

One of my best friends name is Caleb. I like the lunch too that is really good. The best thing about the school is that it is not to short.


Fourth Grade

Warning! This is the best school Ever!

Hello and welcome to Jolley Elementary School, the best school ever. Here at Jolley we have outstanding teachers, a hardworking principal, students who have a thirst for knowledge, and our secretary who's probably the nicest person on Earth. We also have a program called Character Counts, which is made of six pillars that are fairness, trustworthiness, caring, respect, responsibility and citizenship.

When I enter Jolley Elementary School, I feel a rush of energy and I hear kids working and I know that this is going to be the best day ever. When we enter the school in the morning, we watch a program called the Jolley Jaguar News. It might just be me, but I rather like the Jolley Jaguar News because it tells you everything like the date, what's for lunch, whose birthday it is, and it even tells you what's in the lost and found. What's the lost and found you ask? Well, the lost-and-found is where lost stuff is put. Four boxes hold all the stuff. Ms. Moore is so nice. Everyday she folds the stuff in the lost-and-found. Long story short, Jolley is basically the type of place where when you enter you won't want to leave.

One of the many things I like about school is my teachers. All of my teachers, from kindergarten to fourth grade have been awesome. Mrs. Jensen, my teacher this year, is one of my most favorite teachers. She is very kind and shows good character.

Another thing I really enjoy about school is seeing my friends. My friends don't always get to come over to my house on the weekends so I enjoy seeing them at school.

One more thing like about school is recess. Recess is a good time to get exercise and fresh air. You can also see your friends from others classes at recess time. I like how the school takes boxs tabs and provides balls to play with at recess time.

I also like all the subjects. Math, reading, science, social studies, and especilly spelling. They are all fun and very educational.

I enjoy all the specials, too. The teachers there are nice also. All the specials we have are, art, music, guidance, P.E., computer and library. They're all very fun to go to.

Some special activities that Mrs. Jensen does is gives us D.E.A.R. time, because it is very important to read. D.E.A.R. stands for Drop Everything And Read. Two other things just Mrs. Jensen does is read aloud and free time. Read aloud is when Mrs. Jensen reads us big, thick books like Harry Potter. That is fun because we can do anything in the room as long as we don't talk. Free time is about ten or fifteen minutes doing either puzzles, chalkboards, whiteboards, drawing on paper, or maybe just reading. During free time, you can also do other things, like doing homework, not just those things.

My favorite thing our class did this year so far was do The Mayor of Pumpkinville play. It took alot of work but ended up being lots of fun.

On some Tuesdays and Thursdays I have S.O.A.R. S.O.A.R. stands for Special Opportunities And Resources. In S.O.A.R., we do things like logic puzzles or confusing story problems. S.O.A.R. is for kids, like me, who need more challenge. The teacher who teaches S.O.A.R. is very nice. Her name is Mrs. Johnson. She also teaches our art lessons. I really like S.O.A.R.

School is very, very fun. I look forward to school everyday. School is awesome!


What's so great about my school?!" Just about everything! We're lucky at Jolley school because we have t.v.'s and computers in our room's, which helps when we want to find info on something or anything like that. The people in Jolley are very friendly. Whenever you go into a classroom, you usually get greeted by somebody. Our nurse and secratary very nice. When you're sick, they help out, a lot.

I really like Jolley School teachers and I have some favorites. I think the teachers are nice and fun. When you need help they're almost always there. At Jolley School, you feel safe, because the people watching you are happy.

Our school is great because they allow all the special programs like S.O.A.R, chess club, B&A and all sorts of other programs to help out kids. Our janitor Mr. Moore is great too. He takes balls down from the roof, cleans the lunch room, and all sorts of other stuff. When our basketball nets are broken, he usually fixes them. So now you see, how cool and important our school is. Our playground, our resources and other specials are great. Though really, the people are the things that make Jolley School so special. And remember, Jolley School may be big and you may be small, but really one of the biggest parts is ? YOU!


What's great about school? I'll tell you what's great about school. The teachers are great because they help you learn. You're lucky to go to school because some kids don't get to go to school. There are friends you meet at school. Do you want to read? Learn it at school!! You get to learn math, heath, science, spelling and S.D. History. You learn about these things so you do them when you're older. In specials you get to exercise, sing, learn how to solve your problems and read. You go to school so you can get a job and retire.

That is what school's about!!


The first thing I think is great about my school is Mr. Bowker, our principal. Another thing I think is swell is all the terific teachers. My favoite subject is art. Art is very creative and fun. Media inspires us to read more and better books. P.E. helps all the students get in shape, learn new games, and still have fun.

My favoite part about Jolley School is that in the third grade there is a science fair. You never know what a project is going to do! Jolley School has the best eduction and never forgets to add fun with it. Music is awesome because that's where you can express your mind and feelings through singing. We have math every day and what's best is counting money. Math can be hard if you don't do the entire problem carefully.

Social Studies heps with learning our history. Social Studies also guides us to knowing our states and capitals. Health helps us learn not to polute, and say no to drugs. Health class is exciting because teachers incourages you go out and make the world a better place. That's what's great about my school.


Fifth Grade

It's smiple to say what makes my day is school. The teacher are nice, the food needs some spice. P.E. is fun out in the sun. Music is cool, when we go to school. Art makes me smile, all of the while. Guidenances neat, it can't be beat. The subjects we learn, when get a turn. What do I like best? Not the test. It's a hard choice for me you see because I like ? Everything!


There are a lot of things that make my school great. I can name so many reasons, but I will only give 3 main ones. So here they are.

#1 ? The teachers make the school great. They help us in all ways. They make learning fun, easy and safe. They always give you a second chance to do something.

#2 ? The students are great. If you need help at least one will help you. They are always eager to learn. If not, they are willing. No one is left out.

#3 ? The text books are great. They make it easier to learn. They are so clear and can get it through your mind the first time. You can understand what the authors are trying to say.

Well I think you get the picture. I said the 3 most important things in our school. This school is Great!!


School is great to have. There are many things that I like about school. Some things are the classes that we have and the teachers that make it fun. Guideance is great because you get to know about people's lives and how they feel. I can find out things about myself that I didn't even know. I'm glad to have the teachers and My Principal.

My favorite class is P.E. because we get to play basketball, football and volleyball. Media is good for people; you can look up things that will help you with doing reports, and getting the chance to read. Computer is another good class. I have learned how to type and there are fun things to do in computer class is. One of those things is going on the internet to look up information. Another is the games that you can play.

Math is another one of my favorites. You get to do fractions and multiplication. I'm getting better at math because I get help from my teachers.

These are things that are great about school


There are many things good about our school, but one of the best is the principal. He can yell pretty loud and seem mean, but once you've been here for a while, you come to see he's a pretty remarkable guy.

Last year, when I was in 4th, the only only thing I can remember him saying was "hi." This year, he's always chatting with us and doesn't seem to yell as much.

Also, he comes into our classroom once in a while to check up on us. I consider that a caring gesture.

One other thing is this year, some of the 5th graders went down to ask him for a Halloween party, and he said he'd bring it up to the board. We were thinking he'd say no!

Our principal is only one great person in our school!


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