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The Garden Corner by Sharon Allen This is the time of the year for reflection. I thank the wonderful friends who shared their irises and other perennials with me. Who would have thought that the weather would change so very much. I am glad that I was able to divide MOST of my irises before the weather turned nasty. The irises on the boulevard were beautiful this year, but the ones in the garden were terribly over crowded and not very healthy. They should have been divided several years ago!

The weeding will continue, as it always does, when weather permits. Some weed seeds survive in the ground for 40 or 50 years; they will wait for me.

My grandson is eight months old, and my granddaughter will be 1 year old this November. I am so thankful for their good health and the joy that they bring to my life.

The article this month is short. Winter is coming and so is the time to garden indoors. Numerous cuttings await transplanting and seeds will need to be sown under lights. Where has the year gone?

Sharon Allen is an horticulturist and Master Gardener. For comments, suggestions, and questions write to her in care of the Clay County Extension Office, 515 High Street, Vermillion, SD 57069, or contact her directly through the Internet at

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