USDA provides funding for S.D. projects

USDA provides funding for S.D. projects Deputy Secretary of Agriculture James Moseley was in South Dakota Oct. 25 to announce funding for projects in South Dakota. Nationwide, $75 million will be awarded for economic development, energy and infrastructure projects to help spur investment and create new jobs in rural communities throughout the United States.

"Strengthening rural america and rural development are important parts of President Bush's economic agenda," Moseley said. "Through these grants and in many ways, USDA is pleased to be a partner with South Dakota and its communities in creating jobs and building valuable infrastructure to improve the quality of life."

These grants will bring new economic opportunities and job creation for rural America. The Bush administration continues to increase investment in health care, education, value-added process and rural infrastructure which provides renewed growth to these important sectors of our economy.

Two South Dakota projects will receive funding through the Rural Housing Service Community Facilities Program's Rural Community Development Initiative:

National Enterprise Development Corporation [dba Rural Community Innovations (RCI)] will receive a $510,000 Rural Community Development Initiative Grant to provide a program of technical and financial assistance to three recipient organizations (two are federally recognized tribes and the other is a 501(c) (3) community development organization). RCI's purpose is to develop, promote and support innovative projects and techniques for sustainable rural development.

Planning and Development District III will receive a $75,000 Rural Community Development Initiative Grant to increase the capacity of local officials to address housing, community facility and economic development issues through intensive training in applied techniques, resources and technology. A total of seventeen recipient communities and two Indian tribes will be educated about using the development tools available to them in South Dakota.

Two South Dakota projects will receive funding through the Rural Business-Cooperative Service Value-Added Agricultural Product Market Development Program:

South Dakota Farmer's Union will receive a $450,000 grant to conduct a feasibility study to determine if renewable energy (ethanol) produced from corn and processed biowaste from the dairy industry would be economically, financially, and technically feasible as well as the market and management feasibility of such a venture.

South Dakota Agricultural Producer Ventures will receive a $150,000 grant to assist in the funding of a feasibility study to see if creating an integrated lamb and veal slaughter and processing company in South Dakota is a sound idea.

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