VHS class of ’73 seeking addresses

VHS class of '73 seeking addresses The VHS 30th class reunion is set for July 4-5, 2003 and the planning committee is attempting to contact all members of the Vermillion High School class of 1973. Please contact Class of '73, %Kelly Gilkyson, 618 Lee St., Vermillion, SD 57069 with any classmate address updates.

Addresses are missing for: John Armstrong, J Chris Anderson, Jim Bacon, Julie Bebeau, Alan Brown, Letha Buckthorpe, Mary Campbell Gobell, Dwight Chamberlain, Debra Christianson Fox, D Micheal Cromley, Debra Dobratz Hoffman, Liz Jackson, Rick Jensen, Joni Koehn, Aaron Larson, Terry Lawerenson, Jim Lawless, Jeff Lee, Roxanne Maxwell Hopkins, Ken Moberg, Marcia Mollet Hart, Gail Parr, Cheryl Rassmussen, Paul Schulz, Sandra Stevenson, Lisa Stone, Dennis Tichy, Robert Van Dam, Mike Watson, Jeff Webster, and Luanne Wright Amundsen.

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