Cafe funding nearing completion

Cafe funding nearing completion With many fine compliments on the building of the cafe and the improvement it brings to the downtown area, the Wakonda Development Corporation can take pride in the accomplishments thus far.

Much credit must be given to local contractors and the many volunteers who have so generously given of their time and equipment to build the cafe.

As the project is nearing completion there is the great need to complete the final funding for the project. Originally, the project was estimated at $50,000 to $60,000. Thus far, thanks to the generous support of community and Wakonda-related people the $50,000 figure in cash and pledges has been reached.

Everyone concerned or related to the project is extremely grateful for what has been done. In the last week a concentrated effort is being made to raise an additional $8,000 and achieve the project as originally planned. "Second Mile" giving is being asked for and that along with some final contacts should take us to our goal.

Once again, the Wakonda community and financial supporters from all over have risen to the challenge and proven what can be done as people work together. The Wakonda Cafe is each day coming closer to reality.

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