Check It Out at the Vermillion Public Library

Check It Out at the Vermillion Public Library by Anne Marshall Showcased Book of the Week

Few people have ever considered the eastern United States to be an island, but when Nat Stone began tracing waterways in his new atlas at the age of 10, he discovered that if one had a boat it was possible to use a combination of waterways to travel up the Hudson river, west across the barge canals and the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico, and back up the eastern seaboard. In April 1999 Stone decided to launch a 17-foot scull beneath the Brooklyn Bridge to see how far he could get. Nathaniel Stone's extraordinary voyage and story, On the Water: Discovering America in a Rowboat, is a marvelous portrait of the vibrant cultures inhabiting American shores.

Online Book Club

The Chapter-a-day now offers 10 online book clubs to give our fans a wider variety of selections. The newest one is the Horror/Sci-Fi Book Club and it's getting rave reviews. The PrePub Book Club is the readers' "stage pass" to start reading books before they're published. Every other week you'll receive an advanced copy from a book that's not yet published. Starting in February, we'll be launching a Mystery Book Club. Check out the Online Book Club by registering at the library's Web site,, and clicking on the book club logo.

The Chapter-a-day upcoming books for the week of Dec. 16-21 include Gravesend Light, by David Payne; Restless Spirit, by S.D. Tooley; Great Love, by Rida Allen; Not a Sparrow Falls, by Linda Nichols; The Seeds of Innovation, by Elaine Dundon; Revelations Space, by Alastair Reynolds. The Teen Book Club Upcoming Book is Falling From Fire, by Teena Booth.

So Many Books, So Little TIme

There is a plethora of new selections just waiting for our patrons, and will be located on the new bookshelf throughout the month of December. Here are just a few titles to interest our readers.

For architect and single mom, Jane Larson, life has become a numbing routine. The Middle Ages, by Jennie Fields, is a sexy, witty urban love story for the ages.

In the classic American tradition of subversive war narratives such as Catch-22 and Slaughterhouse-Five, a powerful new voice captures our attention with seven stories and a novella that take on the Gulf War with audacity, narrative brilliance, savage humor and startling emotional resonance. Check out Gabe Hudson's collection in Dear Mr. President.

Goodbye Tsugumi is a magical, offbeat story of a deep and complicated friendship between two female cousins that may be author Banana Yoshimoto's best work yet.

A brutal murder near a U.S. Air Force base in South Korea draws a former Air Force investigator into a tangled web of secrets. The author of The Colonel, Patrick A. Davis, is back with The Commander, a novel with gripping twist and turns that will keep the reader on edge.

Rita Mae Brown is back on the mystery trail. Check out Hotspur, as Brown returns to the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain town with more adventures to keep the reader warm all December.

Just the title sparks interest in a new novel Elizabeth Stuckey-French. Mermaids on the Moon introduces readers to the world of Mermaid Springs, a sparkling, bubbly place where secretive mermaids swim, a psychic cat gives mysterious messages, and Elvis still reigns.

Francis Sherwood's inimitable wit and earthy flair shine in her new novel, The Book of Splendor. This is an unusual historical fiction about the most unlikely of lovers, interwoven with the mysticism of the Jewish occult.

In the spring of 1946, ex-corporal Sam Richardson returns home from the "forgotten war" in Burma to his hometown of Wigton in Cumbria, England to the joy of his young wife. But he finds a town seemingly little changed with the same lack of prospects for an uneducated man like himself in The Soldier's Return, by Melvyn Bragg.

December Activities

All children from first grade and up are invited to attend a Holiday Party at the library on Dec. 17 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the Community Room. We will celebrate the season with fun and food. There will bea white elephant gift exchange so bring a silly little gift or something of little value to you. Call the library for more information at 677-7060.

In 2003 the Vermillion Public Library will celebrate its 100th anniversary. We have planned special activities and programs honoring the library and our patrons. A special celebration will be held later in the year to recognize the official opening of the library in 1903. An official history will be published and distributed at that time. Watch for more information about additional programs for children and adults starting in January.

Don't forget a free ride to the library with the Vermillion Public Transit. Now through Dec. 31 the VPT and the Vermillion Public Library are providing transportation to and from the library. Call 624-7433 or 677-7060 for more information.

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