Chestnut meetings positive City attorney working on agreement

Chestnut meetings positive City attorney working on agreement by David Lias Community leaders and owners of private property needed by the city of Vermillion to complete the Chestnut Street improvement project are hopeful they can reach an agreement without going to court.

Vermillion City Manager James Patrick said Tuesday that he and City Attorney Jim McCullough met last week with Neil and Lynette Melby and Jeanette Stone and discussed many of the property owners' concerns.

"After both sides had a chance to think about our discussions, yesterday (Monday) at noon I talked with the Melbys and they indicated they were ready to have us resort to coming up with an agreement," Patrick said. "So Jim is in the process of preparing an agreement that addresses some of their concerns. They're going to run it by their attorney, and I think we're proceeding towards a settlement."

Patrick said both the city and the affected property owners hope they can reach an agreement. Failure to do so would likely lead to costly condemnation proceedings.

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