Flat Stanley gets royal treatment in S.D.

Flat Stanley gets royal treatment in S.D. by Bob Karolevitz Flat Stanley came to our house from Appleton, Wisconsin. He was sent by young David Petchey as part of a school project � and Phyllis really got caught up in the act.

The object was to take the little paper-weight guy to wherever we went, to shoot pictures of him and then return him to Janet Berry Elementary School in Appleton. There he would tell of his adventures to the students in Colleen Hansen�s geography unit.

(The kids even had a Welcome Home party for the tiny fold-up character! But that�s getting ahead of the story.)

Unfortunately we didn�t take Flat Stanley on any long trips, but we showed him a good time in South Dakota. Here are some of the things we did.

First of all, we introduced him to our farm. He had a ride on Phyllis�s miniature horse, Foxy, and got acquainted with Maggie, our golden retriever. (She didn�t chew him up, for which we were quite relieved.)

He posed with Grandson Sam amid the pumpkins at Garritys� Prairie Gardens and made friends with a scarecrow there. He had a ball with all the goblins, too, because they were a lot like him.

Next we went to see Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River and the lookout on the Nebraska side where the Lewis and Clark expedition passed by nearly 200 years ago. I think he was impressed.

After that we took him to Brookings to watch the Jackrabbits beat North Dakota State. It was his first football game, and he even cheered. He also liked all the yellow and blue colors at South Dakota State University.

In her report, Phyllis wrote:

�He especially enjoyed seeing the school�s marching band, the Pride of the Dakotas, and their famous drum line. The Pride has more than 400 members and is one of the biggest marching bands in the country. In past years they were invited to play in Washington, DC, at a presidential inaugural, and they performed at the halftime of a Green Bay Packers game. That wasn�t too far from Appleton, incidentally.�

She then told the students to watch for the band in the annual Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena, CA. They�ll be entry number five in Jan. 1, 2003, she said.

Flat Stanley was photographed with Phyllis at the Campanile on the State University campus, and then played a round of golf at the Brookings Country Club. The weather cooperated beautifully, and he putted well.

Needless to say, we had a grand time, and it�s a wonderful way to teach geography to youngsters brought up on Sesame Street.

As part of her South Dakota lesson, Phyllis told about Mount Rushmore and the Shrine of Democracy in the Black Hills. She also explained how the Missouri River cuts the state in half, creating East River and West River where customs are decidedly different in the two sectors.

Actually, Flat Stanley (or his clone) has been to lots of places. He�s been to Europe, Japan, Australia and almost all of the states in the U.S. Now he can add South Dakota to his list.

I must confess that he really didn�t ride Foxy, play a round of golf or cheer the Jackrabbits, but it seemed like he did. Regardless, we hope Flat Stanley tells the kids in Appleton that he had a good time visiting us.

We surely enjoyed his stay!

� 2002 Robert F. Karolevitz

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