Hay donations wanted to assist families affected by drought, fire

Hay donations wanted to assist families affected by drought, fire The Kraft Spring fire burned 70,000 acres west of Camp Crook this past September. Along with the drought the fire left area ranchers without grass or hay.

Harding County and northwestern South Dakota is in desperate need of hay to get livestock through the winter.

Residents of northwestern South Dakota have developed a hay relief fund that is accepting donated hay to provide needed help for the drought and burned area.

The Clay-Yankton Irrigators have decided to join in the effort to help solicit hay donations in southeastern South Dakota.

Producers in Clay and Yankton counties were affected by the drought but for the most part hay production was good in southeastern South Dakota.

Hay drop off sites have been arranged for at the following locations:

Meckling Fertilizer, Barnes Hay and Feed Company and Valley View Hay Company.

Hay producers, if you can spare a few bales of hay your hay donations would sure be appreciated by those affected by the fire and the drought in northwestern South Dakota. Please give in the spirit of Christmas.

Harding County residents have offered to donate their time and trucks to pick up and deliver the hay to the ranchers. If you would like to give a monetary donation to help pay for the cost of fuel for the trucks donations can be made payable to Long Pines Hay Relief Fund and sent to Pioneer Bank and Trust, P.O. Box 307, Buffalo, SD 57720.

Your contributions would be appreciated. If you have questions in regards to the hay relief efforts call Craig Anthony, Yankton County Extension Educator (605) 665-3387 or April Borders, Clay County Extension Educator (605) 677-7111. If you have questions in regards to the Long Pines Hay Relief Fund or the fire and drought situation in northwestern South Dakota, please call Robin Salverson, Harding County Extension Educator (605) 375-3412.

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