Letters Dr. Sebring was a total gentleman

To the editor:

In the Nov. 22, 2002 edition of the Plain Talk, the obituary of Dr. Floyd Sebring was listed. The obituary listed the events of his life and his survivors. To his obituary, I would like to add a few comments.

Dr. Sebring was a family practice physician who practiced in Vermillion from 1962 to 1980. In addition to his practice of medicine, he also taught at The University of South Dakota School of Medicine.

Dr. Sebring was not only an excellent physician but was a total gentleman dealing with all those around him. He always had a friendly greeting and a humorous story to tell. He was a quiet man but yet had a positive impact on the medical community and the many service organizations of which he was a member.

It was a privilege to have known and worked with Dr. Sebring and he will long be remembered by his former patients and his colleagues.

William J. Dendinger, MD

Vermillion Medical Clinic

Hand of God evident in nation's history

To the editor:

It's amazing that anyone living in such a blessed nation as this would ascribe our bountiful lifestyle to "pure fate alone"

(Between the Lines, Nov. 29). The hand of God is evident in our nation's history everywhere. From protecting George Washington from British bullets as he rode in front of his troops before what looked like certain defeat to the California gold rush which happened only days away from the purchase from the Mexicans.

It was Christianity that moved three-fourths of the colonials to this country, not fate. It was the teachings of John Calvin on standing up to tyranny that moved the signers of the Declaration of Independence to lay their lives and their fortunes on the line.

It was church government upon which our government system of separation of the executive, legislative, and judicial is derived. When the battle for independance was won, our founding fathers petitioned the Lord almighty before each session of Congress for his guidance and blessing.

It was the need to insure there were qualified teachers of God's word that led to the founding of every college and university in the first 50+ years, including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

It was Americans all across this land who read their Bibles and believed that man should work hard for his living, give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's and pay their taxes, and care for the widows and orphans for in doing so you do to Christ.

They also taught that a man should love his enemy and preach the gospel in love. These Americans believed the Biblical promise that if they honored God and were obedient to his will, that the Lord would bless the land with peace and prosperity.

Indeed, the Lord has been true to his word and done exactly that. The blessings of this land are enjoyed by Christian and non-Christian alike, but make no mistake, non-Christians are the fortuitous benefitors living in God's land of "milk and honey."

Robert Perez


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