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Letters to the Editor Give credit where it's due

To the editor:

In a recent article regarding the first anniversary of the Newcastle-Vermillion Missouri River Bridge, the Plain Talk neglected to mention the fact that we would not have this bridge if it weren't for Sen. Tim Johnson. It was Tim Johnson, while in the House of Representatives in 1988 who did the ground work for building a bridge across the Missouri River.

Restrictions were addressed, such as environmental impacts, discharge into navigable water, and flow restrictions. "The Corps informs me that there seems to be no need for Congressional authorization of such a project."

It was Rep. Tim Johnson, working with Rep. Doug Bereuter of Nebraska, who passed legislation authorizing the bridge funding. Again, in 1996 when the bridge project had been stopped, it was from the office of Congressman Tim Johnson and Sen. Tom Daschle that highway funds were freed up to move the project forward. Sarah Dahlin from Rep. Johnson's Washington office with a copy of "For Immediate Release of Millions in Highway Funds for South Dakota" which included funds for the Newcastle/Vermillion Missouri River Bridge.

Thanks are in order for Sen. Tim Johnson.

Jim Green

South Dakota Co-chairman

Newcastle/Vermillion Missouri River Bridge


Help support local blood supply

To the editor:

As we approach Christmas, the Siouxland Community Blood Bank wants to make citizens from your community aware of the need for volunteer blood donors. We wish to invite you to the community blood drive this holiday season, to give a gift from the heart � a unit of blood.

Donors are the heart and soul of our community blood supply system. Without their generosity and commitment, there simply will not be life-saving blood for many patients. People live such busy lives and yet taking the time to give out one unit of blood on a regular basis can make the difference between life and death to a patient in the hospital.

Blood supplies always drop in the winter, as holidays, snowstorms and sickness hinder regular donors from giving. It is important for people to understand that there are families facing tragedies every day right here in our community.

Making a commitment to donate again will help assure your community the necessary lifesaving donations that family, friends, and neighbors may need. Help support your local blood supply by donating on Monday, Dec. 23 from 2 to 6 p.m. at Town Square II Apartments.

The Siouxland Community Blood Bank is the sole supplier of all blood products to 27 local area hospitals. The only way blood is made available at your community hospital is if people donate on a regular basis. Thank you for any help you can give. Many families lives change around the holidays � let's be prepared for them and have blood available. By being a donor you are truly giving a holiday gift of life.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season � safe and warm!

Jessica K. Clark

Donor consultant Siouxland Community Blood Bank

Sioux City, IA

Thanks for helping 'Walk for Wellness'

To the editor:

Just a note to say thanks to all those who helped make the "Walk for Wellness" program a reality.

When I first approached Sioux Valley Hospital with the idea of using three large local stores as indoor walking areas, they were enthusiastic and supportive.

Thanks to John Paulson, and especially Mary Merrigan, at Sioux Valley for doing all the hard organizational work (Mary, you were great with that measuring wheel!) and providing the maps and advertising.

Thanks also to Hy-Vee, Jones' Foods and Pamida for agreeing to be part of the program, and providing space for the maps and information. Also, the Armory at 603 Princeton is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 11 a.m. for walking.

Now with these three store locations, Sioux Valley Hospital, and the armory, there are a variety of places to walk during cold, windy, rainy, snowy and hot days.

This program is so important as so many studies prove the importance of regular, moderate exercise to prevent disease and maintain good health.

So check out the maps; see how easy it is to walk a mile!

Thank you to those who made this public health community service possible.


Judy Clark


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