S.D. Farm Bureau adopts policies

S.D. Farm Bureau adopts policies Delegates representing 46 County Farm Bureaus adopted policies for the S.D. Farm Bureau at the 85th annual meeting held in Sioux Falls.

The farmer and rancher delegates asked S.D. Farm Bureau to continue working to develop and expand value added agriculture.

Specific areas included:

* Efforts to expand use and production of renewable fuels and develop new uses for ag production; development of additional livestock production and finishing; and development of wind energy production within the state.

* Increased funding for the state aid to education so that a quality education opportunity can be provided in the state received priority attention from the Farm Bureau leaders.

* Development of a South Dakota topeka shiner management plan that contains sound conservation practices and protects property rights would reduce the negative impacts of the current "threatened" listing and hopefully lead to the eventual delisting of the minnow.

* Also adopted was a policy outlining the details of a S.D. management plan for the black-tailed prairie dog.

* Continued permitting, regulating and monitoring of captive, non-domestic animals by the S.D. Animal Industry Board and the State Veterinarian was supported in a resolution.

The Farm Bureau leaders adopted policies expressing concern with the management and additional purchase of private lands by the state and federal government. S.D. Farm Bureau is asking the state legislature to become actively involved in public land purchase activities.

Delegates continued their support for the organization's constitutional challenge of Amendment E and urged a timely resolution so the legal cloud impairing value added agriculture and wind energy development can be resolved.

Policy recommendations were made to the American Farm Bureau on farm program, trade, natural resource use and management, and crop insurance programs.

The American Farm Bureau annual meeting of the 50 State Farm Bureaus will be held in Tampa, FL, Jan. 19-22, 2003.

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