SDPTV to feature legislators

SDPTV to feature legislators South Dakota Focus, a production of South Dakota Public Television, presents a legislative preview on Thursday, Dec. 19, at 8 p.m. with an encore airing Sunday, Dec. 22, at 1 p.m.

With a new governor starting in January and several new faces in Pierre, many South Dakotans are curious how this year's legislative session will pan out. South Dakota Focus host Richard Muller will sit down with legislative leaders to talk about those very issues.

Featured panelists include:

* House Majority Leader William Peterson (Sioux Falls),

* House Minority Leader Mel Olson (Mitchell),

* Senate Majority Leader Eric Bogue (Faith) and

* Senate Minority Leader Garry Moore (Yankton).

In addition to discussing the hot topics in Pierre, the viewer can call in or e-mail questions or comments. The toll-free comment line is 1-877-TALK-PTV or viewers may e-mail questions before during or after the show to

Focus zeroes in on the issues and the problems on South Dakotans' minds. South Dakota Focus, hosted by Richard Muller, is in its 15th season and is a production of SDPTV.

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