USD Dental Hygiene receives 3 donations totaling over $40,000

USD Dental Hygiene receives 3 donations totaling over $40,000 Dentists from the Southeast (South Dakota) District Dental Society recently voted to donate $30,000 toward the purchase of new equipment for The University of South Dakota's Dental Hygiene clinic in Vermillion. The grant will be used to replace dental chairs, lights and delivery systems. The equipment is expected to be installed during the Christmas break, in time for the spring 2003 clinic.

The Dental Hygiene Department also applied for, and was awarded a $10,000 grant from the Delta Dental Philanthropic Committee for the purchase of new equipment. Two chair/delivery system combinations were purchased with the gift and installed prior to the beginning of the fall 2002 semester.

The grant enabled the department to retire the 1970s vintage chair/delivery systems previously in service.

In other departmental news, Jennifer Nielson VanderEsch, (RDH '92) has gifted the Dental Hygiene Department with new patient charts to replace the originals, some of which have been in use since the 1970s.

VaderEsch, who was an instructor in the junior campus clinic in 2001-2002, became aware of the situation and redesigned the paperwork to fit into a vertical chart format, with each page color coded for easy reference.

VanderEsch currently supervises senior students on a clinical rotation to the office of Dr. Ed Kusek. At this new rotation, the students are able to observe surgical implant procedures with Dr. Kusek and the follow up care routines with VanderEsch, providing valuable experience in this area.

"The department is fortunate to have the support of many alumni and friends," said Mrs. Ann Brunick, chair of the Dental Hygiene Department. "This support has been instrumental in maintaining the quality of instruction at USD, and we would like to thank those who have been so generous with their gifts."

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