VHS, Bon Homme, Madison wrestle in Dec. 12 triangular

VHS, Bon Homme, Madison wrestle in Dec. 12 triangular by Jim Prosser Vermillion, Bon Homme and Madison competed in the Bon Homme Triangular Dec. 12. Results include:

Madison � 60

Vermillion varsity � 18

103 lbs. � Ryan O'Connor (V) WBF over Tom Shumaker in 2:37.

112 lbs. � Kyle Hubert (V) WBF over Callin Haar in 1:59.

119 lbs. � Craig Powell (V) WBF over Coty Alverson in 3:41.

125 lbs. � Monte Wire (M) WBF over Brett Nielsen in 0:21.

140 lbs. � Phillip Downs (M) wins by decision over Andy Hayner 8-5.

160 lbs. � Ted Peterson (M) WBF over Jason Kitto in 2:53.

171 lbs. � Adam Hanson (M) WBF over Adam Hasse in 2:17.

189 lbs. � Mike Palmquist (M) WBF over Taylor Birgen in 4:46.

215 lbs. � Ben Kapelle (M) won by decision over Brad Simons 8-6.

Vermillion vs. Madison JV

135 lbs. � Ian Alverson (M) WBF over Raleigh Tiahrt in 1:12.

152 lbs. � Tony Hanson (V) WBF over Brandon Hansen in 2:44.

Ex. � Lewis Hanson (M) WBF over Tony Hanson in 3:45.

Bon Homme � 56

Vermillion varsity � 15

103 lbs. � Logan Tycz (BH) WBF over Ryan O'Connor in 0:53.

112 lbs. � Brandon Tycz (BH) WBF over Kyle Hubert in 1:13.

119 lbs. � Stash Grandi (BH) wins by technical fall over Craig Powell 20-3.

125 lbs. � Shane Sutera (BH) WBF over Bret Nielsen in 0:39.

140 lbs. � Andy Hayner (V) wins by decision over Ryan Vauruska 12-7.

160 lbs. � Jason Kokes (BH) WBF over Jason Kitto in 5:52.

171 lbs. � Adam Hasse (V) WBF over Mike Stainbrook in 1:43.

189 lbs. � Taylor Birgen (V) WBF over Ben McCann in 3:43.

215 lbs. � Matt Boden (BH) wins by decision over Brad Simons 10-5.

Bon Homme vs.

Vermillion JV

135 lbs. ��Kyle Tycz (BH) WBF over Raleigh Tiahrt in 1:11.

152 lbs. � Tony Hanson (V) WBF over Lucio Godoy in 2:44.

"We are continuing to show improvement," said VHS coach Casey O'Connor. "On the mat, we need to capitalize on scramble situations that are continuing to go in our opponents' favor. They are beating us at the whistle.

"We will continue to work on combination moves, quickness and aggressive wrestling," he continued. "Ryan O'Connor continues to improve with every varsity match. We also gained valuable pins from Taylor Birgen, Adam Hasse, Craig Powell, Kyle Hubert and Tony Hanson. Andy Hayner also had a nice match against Ryan Vauruska of Bon Homme."

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