VHS gymnasts defeat Roosevelt

VHS gymnasts defeat Roosevelt by Jim Prosser Vermillion High School's varsity gymnasts edged Sioux Falls Roosevelt 115.9-111.5 in a meet held at VHS Dec. 6.

The Tanager junior varsity squad didn't fare as well, however. It was defeated by Roosevelt 53.3-80.1

Vermillion's varsity barely defeated Roosevelt in the bars competition, by a score of 30.7-29.4. VHS fell short in the beam event with a score of 26.05 compared to Roosevelt's 27.5.

Vermillion's gymnasts made up ground, however, by winning the floor exercise event 26.35-24, and the vault exercise, 32.8-30.6.

Individual varsity scores by event are:

Stacy Gould, RHS, 8.3; Sarah Christopherson, VHS, 8; Jenelle Keen, RHS, 7.1; Kassi Konz, RHS, 7; Sarah Gregg, VHS, 6.85.

Floor exercise

Ariel Hofman, VHS, 7.8; Sarah Christopherson, VHS, 7.55; Kelsey Kuck, RHS, 7.4; Stacy Gould, RHS, 7.4; Katie Connors, VHS, 6.6.


Stacy Gould, RHS, 32.1; Sarah Christopherson, VHS, 31.35; Ariel Hofman, VHS, 30.25; Kassi Konz, RHS, 29.2; Katie Connors, VHS, 26.95.

Jenelle Keen, RHS, 8.2; Brittney Gilkyson, VHS, 8; Ariel Hofman, VHS, 7.7; Sarah Christopherson, VHS, 7.7; Stacey Gould, RHS, 7.5.


Katie Connors, VHS, 8.45; Stacey Gould, RHS, 8.2; Ariel Hofman, VHS, 8.15; Sarah Christopherson, VHS, 8.1; Brittney Gilkyson, VHS, 8.1.

Individual junior varsity scores by event are:

Amanda Reinesch, RHS, 4.9; Nickey Hein, RHS, 3.6; Paige Hunt, VHS, 3.6; Kaili Johnson, VHS, 3.6; Andrea Wichman, RHS, 3.2.

Floor exercise

Alysse Johnston, RHS, 5.1; Amanda Reinesch, RHS, 5; Kaili Johnson, VHS, 4.5; Andrea Wichman, RHS, 4; Maria Uhlmann, RHS, 3.9.


Amanda Reinesch, RHS, 23.1; Andrea Wichman, RHS, 19.2; Kaili Johnson, VHS, 19.2.

Andrea Wichman, RHS, 6; Amanda Reinesch, RHS, 5.6; Theresa Ring, VHS, 5.6; Nickey Hein, RHS, 5.5; Kaili Johnson, VHS, 5.5.


Amanda Reinesch, RHS, 7.6; Alysse Johnston, RHS, 6.4; Nicky Hein, RHS, 6.3; Amy Mart, VHS, 6.1; Andrea Wichman, RHS, 6.

Vermillion's junior varsity fell to Roosevelt 20.4-22.1 in bars, 10.2-14.7 in beams, 0-18 in floor exercises, and 22.7-25.3 in the vault.

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