‘What Christmas means to me…’

'What Christmas means to me…' by Bethany Parvin I recently ask the first- and second-graders what Christmas means to them, and this is what they said. (The responses have not been edited from their originals submitted by the students.)

First grade

Josie Huber: To me it means family and friends.

Jordan Jorgensen: It means God's birthday. It means love.

Brittany Hennings: To me it means family, presents, and toys.

Braxton Erwin: It means it's nice and cold.

Michael Saffel: To me it means my whole family getting together.

Preston Larson: It means playing in the snow.

Devon Brewer: I think it means love.

Makayla Mohr: It means cold weather.

Daniel Brue: To me it means family, friends, brothers, and sisters.

Alexis Logue: It means God's birthday and Santa comes.

Justin Ostrem: Christmas means friends and the games we play.

Keeley Vogt: It's a good time and I like Santa at Christmas and I like getting presents.

Cody Geuther: Happy � it makes me happy

Second grade

Breanna: I get presents and it snows. I get toys. I get to see my friends and sisters and brothers and mom and dad. I get to see my aunts and uncles. I get to see my grandma and grandpa.

Alyson: I get to see some of my ant's. I get to see some of my grandma's that live a couple hours aways. I get to see my uncl's and my cousins. I will get to spend some time at my house with my family and eat a b I g supper. I will have fun opening presents too.

Mariah: I get to see my causins and grandparents. I get to spend time with my family and have fun. I go to my grandmas and grandpas house. On Christmaseve. I have supper there to.Sometimes I see a friend.

I have fun to because on December28th is my birthday. Last year I went boling. With my friends.

Eva: What Christmas means to me is you always get loved by your family and Jessuse, presents too and going out to eat. What Christmas means to me is you o to bed, santa comes to put something in your stoking and the next day I find what is in my stoking and I go upstairs saying. Horay !! Horay!!

Mackenzie: I LOVE Christmas a lot because ? its Jesus's birthday. I also like being around people I love. Playing in the snow is fun if you have friends. I like Decorating the tree with family. And friends. Rapping presents for people is fun! That's why I LOVE Christmas.

Here are responses from the Wakonda kindergarten class:

Breanna: Christmas means Santa Claus and people open their presents when they get home.

Stacie: Christmas mean you can get toys. You can sleep until Santa comes.

Tate: You get to eat Gingerbread men and you get to make Gingerbread houses. You get to put up lights. And you get to have Santa give you presents when you have your tree up.

Kyle: Christmas means opening presents. You have fun and joy and you get to stay with your family. You get to eat pretzels with white stuff and sprinkles on them.

Tyler: You get presents. And it's Jesus birthday. And sometimes we get to see the reindeer. And sometimes we get to see Santa too.

Taylor: Christmas means presents and opening presents. I get to see people.

McKenzie: I like the presents and I like Santa and I like Mrs. Claus. And I especially like the reindeer, because they bring Santa here.

Lauren: Christmas means you get to have lots of toys. My mom writes a letter to Santa for me.

Brent: Christmas means when Santa comes. I hear the reindeers on the roof. Then I hear the bells shaking and the sleigh starts moving. I wake up, and then go back to bed.

RJ: Opening the presents and when it's over, I play with them.

Lexy: You have a holiday. You have a Christmas party. I make Christmas stuff with my grandma. And I get my Christmas tree and light it up.

Jessica: Christmas means that you have a Christmas tree and you put lights on it. And you put a star on top. You make a paper candy cane to put on your tree. And you spell a word of joy, J-O-Y, like that.

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