Alumni give advice to students

Alumni give advice to students by Heather Hessman WHS alumni who are still in college were invited back to the high school after Christmas break ended for Mrs. Knudson's famous breakfast rolls and to give some advice to high school students about college.

College students in attendance were Cole Mayer, Josh Jorgensen, Ashley Logue, Denise Davis, Connie Orr, Jamie Skonhovd and Veronica Gaidelis.

Some of the topics discussed were study habits, cost of college, holidays, and just making a smooth transition to college.

Most grads confessed college requires a lot more studying than high school.

There are also expenses to meet. The average bill for books each semester totaled $300 to $400, they said.

They advised their younger friends to develop some better study habits and to stay focused.

There are many distractions in college like boys, girls, social life, and home sickness; so it is important to remember what you are there for, they said.

Most alumni said they come home a lot at first, but as the year progressed they tended to stay at college over the weekends for some quiet time.

"Teachers always tell us college will be different, but actually hearing it from the student grads really hit it home," said Kayla Nielsen.

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