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Check It Out at the Vermillion Public Library by Anne Marshall Showcased Book of the Week

Acclaimed nature writer Linda M. Hasselstrom sees herself as a rancher who writes. Now owner of the cattle ranch where she grew up in western South Dakota, she lives in daily intimate contact with the natural world. In her latest work, Between Grass and Sky: Where I Live and Work, one of South Dakota's favorite authors writes knowingly of the rancher's toil and of the intelligence and dignity of the animals she tends. Hasselstrom's voice rings with the ardent common sense of one who knows and loves the land, who appreciates the concerns of environmental activists, but also knows the role the responsible rancher can play in nurturing a healthy rural ecosystem. This book is located on the New Book Shelf behind the circulation desk.

New York Times Best Sellers

Adult Fiction

#1. Prey, by Michael Chrichton. In the Nevada desert, a team of scientists tries to undo an experiment involving nanoparticles � molecule-sized robots � that has gone disastrously wrong.

#2. Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham. A husband and wife discover that their decision to forgo Christmas comes with consequences.

#3. Four Blind Mice, by James Patterson. Detective Alex Cross and his partner, John Sampson, try to prove that one of Sampson's oldest friends has been framed for murder.

#4. The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold. A 14-year-old girl looks down from heaven as she describes what happens in the aftermath of her kidnapping and murder.

#5. The Christmas Train, by David Baldacci. A disillusioned journalist goes on a journey of self-discovery during the holidays.

#6. Hornet Flight, by Ken Follett. In 1941, as the Luftwaffe is shooting down R.A.F. bombers, a young Dane stumbles upon a German installation whose secrets he must try to convey to England.

#7. Red Rabbit, by Tom Clancy. In the early 1980's, when he is a C.I.A. novice, Jack Ryan acts to thwart a Soviet plot against the pope.

#8. Answered Prayers, by Danielle Steel. A sophisticated New Yorker who has applied to law school against her husband's wishes finds the possibility of true love with a childhood friend.

#9. From A Buick 8, by Stephen King. An abandoned Buick Roadmaster turns out to be a conduit to another, evil dimension.

#10. Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. An allegory on the high seas, in which a teenage boy and a 450-pound tiger are thrown together in a lifeboat as the only survivors of a shipwreck.

These best sellers are available at the Vermillion Public Library. If your selection is checked-out, please have a staff person reserve it for you.

Online Book Club

The Online Book Club Chapter-a-Day now offers 10 online book clubs to give our fans a wider variety of selections. Check out this service by registering at the library's Web site,, and clicking on the book club logo. Selections for the week of Jan. 20-24 include Shark Trouble, by Peter Benchley; Paradise Bay, by James Michael Pratt; Reconsidering Riley, by Lisa Plumley; Candle in Darkness, by Lynn Austin; Telesales Tips From the Trenches, by Joe Catal; and Nature of Balance, by Tim Lebbon. The Teen Book Club selection is Eleanor's Story, by Eleanor Ramrath Garner. The Audio Book Club selection for this week is Red Rabbit, by Tom Clancy.

Computer Classes

Adult computer classes are again being offered at the Vermillion Public Library. Training in Microsoft Word will be scheduled on Thursday, Jan. 23, from 1 to 3 p.m. Microsoft Word is a word processing program that will help you learn techniques to create documents such as resum�s and letters. Training in Microsoft Excel will be scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 1, from 10 a.m. to noon. Microsoft Excel is a spread sheet program that will help you learn techniques for organizing, manipulating, and charting numerical date. Class space is limited, and registration is required. Please call or stop by the circulation desk to sign up or for more information.

Celebrate Life, Literacy & Learning

In 2003 the Vermillion Public Library is celebrating its 100th anniversary. We have planned special activities and programs honoring the library and our patrons. Celebrating 100 Years stickers have been secretly placed on shelved materials located in the library. Upon check-out of materials the staff person will identify these special selections and our honored patron can choose from a basketful of goodies. This is just a small thank you from the VPL staff.

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