Letters Johnson deserved voters' support

To the editor:

We have heard a lot about voters changing parties when they vote. We have a democracy, right?

In the case of Sen. Johnson, he and his family have been in Clay County since the beginning of Clay County. They have sown seeds of being good citizens from day one. They have worked for the betterment of Clay County, the state of South Dakota and the nation.

While Tim was in the South Dakota Legislature, he was able to get many bills passed which were for the betterment of South Dakota. In fact he did more than most legislators were ever able to do. While in Congress, he has been able to work on many projects for the betterment of South Dakota and the nation. Including the water projects of Min I Waconi, helping to get flood control help in the bad winter and the floods that followed a few years ago.

There have been many needs in the state that Tim was able to help with that some people remember and then were able to vote for Tim. The seeds that Tim Johnson have sown are the reason that people can vote for the best one of their choice. Thanks, Tim, for having the grit to stand up to the abuse you were subjected to.

Berwyn Svoboda


Paying taxes creates a vested interest

To the editor:

There's a story in the Bible about Jewish leaders wanting to trap Jesus by tricking him into declaring that paying taxes to Rome was wrong. Jesus, however, responded by affirming the citizens' duty to "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's."

Although no one enjoys paying his or her tax bill, it is just, and required by an authority even higher than the federal government. Could it be that paying taxes is healthy? A good thing not just for the government but also for the citizen? I would submit that it is.

Having the government burden spread amongst its citizens creates a people with a vested interest. If everyone were compelled to support the government and pay for its programs then perhaps there would be greater accountability to the people.

At this juncture, many might think that is exactly what we have here in the United States but that would be far from the truth. Unfortunately, the bottom 50 percent of wage earners in the United States pay a scant 4 percent of all federal income tax revenue. Recently, newspaper headlines read, "Survey shows half of all Americans feel tax burden about right." Can you guess which half that was?

Could it be that Jesus himself saw the tragic imbalance that could occur in society if large segments of the population either refused or were exempt from paying taxes? Besides the fact that loan shark level tax rates are outright theft, could it be that a society where a minority of the population carries the bulk of the tax burden will result in a terrible downward spiral?

Liberal politicians, eager to get credit for fighting for the little guy, do him a disservice by exempting him from the duty and honor to contribute to this great country.

There was another group of people in our nation's history that was exempt from paying taxes � slaves.

Robert Perez


War doesn't solve anything

To the editor:

We cannot stamp out terrorism. It's like trying to stamp out germs. A germicide or antibiotic that wipes out 99 percent is always short the 1 percent which can grow and produce more of its kind.

Moreover, the non-harmful or, even, beneficial pool of microbes could change into attack bugs. Any individual under certain circumstances could become a formidable foe.

Our "biggest, strongest, most advanced military ever, bar none" is not now and never can be an impregnable force to combat terrorism. David took out Goliath with a slingshot.

We would be more productive to examine our own actions and world image to see what we are doing that incurs so much world-wide hatred for the United States: The CIA support of oppressive regimes? Our insistence upon imposing our values on others? Our cavalier use of natural resources to the point of extinction? Our arrogance? Our greed? Of course, we are not without faults.

For one thing, though our conscience is appeased by supporting the establishment of Israel after the extreme suffering of the Jews in the 1940s. We should insist upon Israel's getting along with its neighbors, the Palestinians. War does not solve anything. It breeds more war.

Marie Gray


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