Letters Thanks for making season so special

To the editor:

Before the holiday season gets too far behind us, I would like to thank the Vermillion community and the many USD students who helped make the season special for the residents of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center.

You painted pumpkins with us for Halloween, and spoiled us with home-made cakes and decorated cookies. As Christmas arrived, you showered us with gifts, candies, fruit and the sound of Christmas carols. The time and talents you shared with our residents was appreciated more than words can say.

On behalf of the residents and staff of the Care Center, I thank you very much. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such a caring community.


Kathy Van Kley

Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center

Individuals cited for contributions

To the editor:

On Friday, Jan. 10, the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Company held its annual banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, to enjoy the fellowship of our peers and friends within our community, and to look forward to the year ahead and all that it has to offer. The evening was a great success! We appreciate all of the feedback that we have received to make the next year's event even better!

We would like to thank David Lias and the Plain Talk for the nice job that he did in covering the event in his article last week, highlighting the vision shared by our guest speaker Jerry Welsh, as well as comments from our 2003 president Gene Lunn.

At our banquet, we recognized the efforts of some outstanding individuals who have truly been leaders among us and have set the standard of excellence in our community. We felt that it was important to recognize their contributions in this letter as well.

Carol Geu was awarded the United Way Volunteer of the Year.

Howard and Alice Willson were awarded the Vermillion Excellence in Family Business Award by The University of South Dakota School of Business Family Business Initiative.

Rikesh Patel, Super 8, was awarded the Beautiful Neighbor Award by Vermillion Beautiful.

John Paulson was honored with several awards, including the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Company's Community Leader Award, the Mayor's Community Service Award 2002, and a special award for his efforts from the United Way.

Mayor Roger Kozak and Roxi Miller were awarded the Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Community Grower Award.

Retiring Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Company board members John Paulson, Jenny French, Tom Schaack, Curt Schempp and Bill Willroth Sr. were recognized.

The 2002-2003 Vermillion Leadership Class was recognized.

In addition to those mentioned above, special thanks was given to the following individuals for their contributions in making our event a success:

The University of South Dakota, Coyote Student Center, Aramark, the city of Vermillion, Marianne Schuld and Willson Florist, Bill Willroth Sr., Broadcaster Press, Dick Brown and Beverage Distributors, Sue French, Sandy Brown, Jill LeCates, Jon Robertson, Paul Simon, Pastor Mike Girlinghouse, "Excelsior" and USD College of Fine Arts and VACCDC members and supporters.

We were very fortunate to have many great people in this great community!

Lisa Ketcham

Interim Executive Director

Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce &

Development Company

Buying oil would be more civilized

To the editor:

Wouldn't it be more economical and more civilized to simply drop the sanctions and buy oil from Iraq?

In the 1970s when the oil cartel suddenly raised the price and limited the supply, sky-rocketing the fuel costs in the U.S., Kissinger declared we would not accept this even if it meant war.

People were outraged at the suggestion that America would wage war over oil, though maybe the outrage was due to Kissinger's audacious pomposity in being the one to voice the threat.

We impeached one president for lying to us. We let another one off the hook completely for claiming to be totally ignorant of the fact that we were selling arms to Iraq (we armed them to the teeth with the weapons they could now use against us) giving the proceeds of the sales to the Contras in South America after Congress had passed an act forbidding further aid to the Contras.

We were compassionate and understanding when a president, having no respect for the office, women or marriage, behaved like a low-life, opportunistic alley cat then attempted a legalistic play on words as a cover-up because in the end, he finally made a clean breast of his lies.

Under the label of national security a president can get away with any kind of lie. If he does not actually explain why he is gung-ho to invade Iraq, one could say he has not lied.

Not so! His not being forthright on such a serious venture is deceitful. The phony catch phrases and slogans he uses to drum up national hatred for Saddam and national support for invasion are like Madison Avenue advertising gimmickry; no matter how silly, say it enough times over and over and any asinine suggestion will ring true.

President Bush is not divulging his inner motives because he does not think they would bear up under public scrutiny. Osama Bin Ladin delivered him a terrific advantage to classify anything and everything as national security.

But the most plausible rationale is, as Hutchins, a journalist interviewed on NOW proposed, President Bush wants to invade Iraq to access Iraqi oil and break the monopoly Saudi Arabia holds. To openly buy Iraqi oil would be less stressful and less bloody and less costly.

Let's draft Colin Powell to run for president in 2004.

Marie Gray


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