Letters Who cites code enforcement?

To the editor:

Who gives a citation to the code enforcement? On Dec. 16, I turned into Pamida's parking lot. The "Code Enforcement" truck was parked on the yellow line east of Pamida's front doors. I drove slow and saw Farrel Christensen and another fellow come out of Pamida with a bottle of pop.

Can anyone park anywhere we want? Can we violate laws because Code Enforcement does, for a bottle of pop?

We are told to move our box of rocks because they are unsafe or we will violate code law. We need to fix our homes or they will get torn down because it's unsafe and code law.

Vermillion citizens have to obey city laws. Doesn't everyone have to obey law? I guess it's true that it depends who you are.

Lois J. Getzin


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