Noxious weeds info available

Noxious weeds info available A new publication from South Dakota State University Extension gives the latest science-based information about noxious weed control for 2003.

SDSU Extension Fact Sheet 525-N, "Noxious Weed Control: 2003," is available online in pdf format at Or ask for it in county Extension offices. SDSU Extension Weed Specialist Leon Wrage and SDSU Extension Integrated Pest Management Coordinator Darrell Deneke wrote the book.

publication. It discusses herbicides as well as biocontrol measures for noxious weeds in crops and noncrop areas.

Recommendations for specific weeds are given listing herbicides by trade name except where the active ingredient is available in several products.

Wrage said responding to drought will be one of the weed control priorities for 2003. Reduced plant residue in areas hard hit by drought should improve spray coverage and producers should plan to treat areas mowed or grazed late in 2002.

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