Preserve South Dakota opens regional office

Preserve South Dakota opens regional office Responding to growing concerns around the state that South Dakota is losing important historic structures and places, Preserve South Dakota will soon open a regional office in Yankton. In recent years, the southeastern part of the state has shown increased interest in preserving its heritage; therefore Preserve South Dakota will be able to better serve the southeastern portion of the state with a part-time office in Yankton.

"As one of the oldest cities in South Dakota, Yankton was chosen as the location for the regional office because of its very important South Dakota history as the state's first capital," says Ann Bush, Preserve South Dakota executive director. "Yankton's historic resources, especially the Meridian Bridge, are important to all of South Dakota."

Yankton is also the location of the annual 2003 Preservation Conference. The conference will be held on May 16 and 17, just one week after National Preservation Week. At the largest conference in South Dakota focusing on historic preservation, participants will learn preservation techniques and national trends at workshops, field sessions and a trade show.

Bernard Properties of Yankton has donated office space

in their beautifully renovated historic Riverfront Events Center at 121 W. 3rd Street. In

the beginning, Preserve South Dakota's Yankton office will be open the second Thursday of every month from 1 to 7 p.m. The office will extend the office hours or days it is open when demand deems it necessary.

During office hours, Preserve South Dakota staff plans to give presentations and meet with individuals to answer questions about historic preservation issues or renovation techniques. Workshops may be offered concerning the economic development benefits of historic preservation and financial incentives such as grants, low-interest loans and property tax credits. Information will be distributed from the office concerning the National Register of Historic Places and other preservation organizations.

Established in 1978, Preserve South Dakota is a private, statewide non-profit membership organization. Working with members, local preservation groups and the state of South Dakota, encourages, advocates, and facilitates preservation of historic sites and structures of historical significance to South Dakota.

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