Remember, one day’s limit is allowed when fishing on water/ice

Remember, one day's limit is allowed when fishing on water/ice Anglers are reminded that any fisherman who is on the water or ice or is actively engaged in fishing can legally possess only one day's limit of fish as determined by species, and any fish in possession must conform to the regulations in effect for the body of water being fished.

On waters with size limits in effect, the fish caught that day can be gutted and gilled, but not filleted as long as the angler remains on the water or ice.

"It is illegal to keep a limit of fish from a previous day when camping overnight on the ice or when returning to the water or ice to fish the next day," said Law Enforcement Specialist Dave McCrea. "The regulation clearly says a person may possess no more than one day's limit of fish while on the water or actively engaged in fishing. Without this regulation, enforcement of the daily bag limit would nearly be impossible."

In regards to cleaning the day's catch, McCrea says anglers can gut and gill the fish while on the water/ice, but have to leave the water/ice to fillet them if the angler is on a lake with an effective size limit.

He also reminds anglers to adhere to the possession limit regulation, which is defined as all fish of a particular species that a person may have under their control, such as in a portable cooler, a home freezer, or registered in their name in a commercial cold storage locker.

Anglers can find this information on page 11 of the 2003 Fishing Handbook, which is available at Game, Fish and Parks offices or from their Web site at

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