Rosenthal will not seek seventh term

Rosenthal will not seek seventh term Joel Rosenthal announced Jan. 8 he will not seek re-election for a seventh term as chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party.

"Serving the party and our ideals has been a wonderful experience but it is time to move on. I plan to continue being involved in th party and assisting our candidates, it's just time personally to take a different role in helping our great state and country," Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal has been actively involved in the Republican Party for 25 years. His involvement started when Bill Janklow first became a candidate for governor in 1978.

"This has been a great privilege. Being chairman allowed me a great opportunity for public service and I have made so many wonderful friendships," said Rosenthal.

The South Dakota Republican Party accomplished a great deal under Rosenthal's leadership and has become an increasing factor in electing Republican candidates. In this past election cycle, the Republican State Central Committee, for the second election cycle in a row, recruited candidates for all statewide and legislative elections, and increased Republican majorities in the state senate.

Since Rosenthal returned as chairman in 1995, the Republican Party has increased its membership in the State House of Representatives from 44 to 49, increased its membership in the State Senate from 18 to 25 (assuring two-thirds majorities) won the state treasurer position and gained control of the Public Utilities Commission. The number of active contributors to the party has increased from about 1,500 in 1995 to today almost 11,000.

Rosenthal said a strong party is a result of the efforts of many.

"Together with the help of our party staff, our dedicated county committees, our thousands of volunteers, our generous contributors, our candidates and our elected officials we have accomplished much and the credit goes to all of them. Together we have built a strong party that has helped make South Dakota a better place to live and given us good government that lives within the means of people," he said.

Rosenthal said he has spoken with Gov. Mike Rounds and advised him of his decision. The party will elect new leadership on Feb. 22 in Pierre.

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