S.D. Public Broadcasting provides legislative coverage

S.D. Public Broadcasting provides legislative coverage Follow the latest happenings of the 78th South Dakota State Legislative Session with South Dakota Public Television, SDPB Radio and on sdpb.org.

South Dakota Public


Statehouse, a 30-minute program on SDPTV, highlights legislative events weeknights at 10:30 p.m. Host Al Bahe brings viewers up-to-speed on the major events at the Capitol.

SDPB Radio

Listeners to SDPR during the 78th session of the South Dakota Legislature will find a variety of informative programs focusing on the events in Pierre.

SDPR's news team in Pierre keeps listeners informed of the latest legislative updates. Live reports air each weekday at 6:20 p.m. In addition to the reports, South Dakota Forum provides regular features on legislative news. Listeners have a chance to call in their opinions concerning various legislative issues during the one-hour show weekdays at noon.

SDPB Internet

SDPB Online, www.sdpb.org/

statehouse, presents detailed coverage of the 78th session of the South Dakota Legislature, keeping South Dakota residents up-to-date on the latest events in Pierre.

In conjunction with the South Dakota Legislative Research Council, SDPB Online offers archived and live coverage of the floor session as well as the committee meetings. SDPB Online also features e-mail reminders for parties interested in viewing a meeting or session live via www.sdpb.org/statehouse.

In addition to the live and archived coverage, SDPB Online contains reports from both SDPTV and SDPB Radio. Each episode of SDPTV's Statehouse, a half-hour program summarizing the day's events in Pierre, is available at www.sdpb.org/

statehouse. SDPR's live news updates from Pierre can be found online as well at South Dakota Forum, a daily news program featuring interviews with key players in the South Dakota Legislature.

SDPB Education and


SDPB Education and Outreach offers an online teacher's guide to coordinate classroom activities and discussions tailored around the legislative session and SDPB's Online, SDPTV and Radio resources. Guides are available by going to sdpb.org/statehouse or by calling 1-800-456-0766. Teachers and students may also interact with legislators and government officials through the bulletin board on www.sdpb.org/statehouse.

For information about this or other South Dakota Public Broadcasting programs, call 1-800-456-0766 or visit the SDPB Web site (www.sdpb.org).

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