State library presents South Dakota LIVE

State library presents South Dakota LIVE South Dakota LIVE, Land of Infinite Variety Electronically, is now available free-of-charge to the public at

South Dakota LIVE, or SoDakLIVE, is a World Wide Web-based one-stop directory for South Dakota state government information providing access to South Dakota state government Web sites and publications.

According to Suzanne Miller, state librarian, SoDakLIVE allows people to easily obtain government information even if they don't know which agency provides the information.

"You can find a variety of information including who your state legislators are, what endorsement you need to teach mathematics, how to start your own business, or recipes for diabetics," said Miller.

For example, to determine the population of Potter County, a person can search the words: Population Potter County. Searches can be narrowed by using the Advanced Search option or widened by browsing the subject category lists.

In addition, SoDakLIVE will provide access to state documents that have previously only been available in paper format. These paper documents are currently being scanned and added to the SoDakLIVE databases as PDF files which are indexed in the same database as the Web sites and can be searched.

SoDakLIVE is powered by BrightPlanet, a provider of business solutions for researching, monitoring and managing surface and Deep-Web content. BrightPlanet has patent pending technologies for deep content discovery, harvest, management, aggregation, qualification, and classification. Its products include user tools for collaborative, high-productivity content platforms for professional knowledge workers and comprehensive directory sites that provide single access to pre-qualified content for individual companies and public Web portals.

Those without Internet access can check with their local libraries regarding access to SoDakLIVE.

South Dakotans without local libraries may request books and other library services directly from the State Library by calling 1-800-423-6665, via the Internet at or by writing to the South Dakota State Library, 800 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501-2294.

The South Dakota State Library provides free library services to all South Dakotans, either through their local library or directly. Alternative formats (such as Braille and audio) are also available.

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