Stephanie Herseth to lead Farmers Union Foundation

Stephanie Herseth to lead Farmers Union Foundation South Dakota Farmers Union President Dennis Wiese has announced the appointment of Stephanie Herseth as executive director of the family farm and ranch's recently established foundation.

"Stephanie Herseth is a multi-taltented individual. She brings immediate visibility and credibility to the South Dakota Farmers Union Foundation," Wiese said. "We could not have found a more capable person who is better matched to the challenges facing rural South Dakota and the Farmers Union Foundation."

Wiese noted that Herseth's experience as a lawyer, educator and congressional candidate will be extremely valuable in getting the Farmers Union Foundation up and running. He said she will focus her efforts largely on fund raising for a variety of Farmers Union projects grouped under the umbrella of the foundation.

"We want to focus on the traditional mission of the Farmers Union," Herseth said. "But we also want to expand on that mission."

to address changes in rural South Dakota, to stem the outmigration of young people from rural counties, to revitalize rural communities and preserve our way of life."

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