Students: Time to work on financial aid

Students: Time to work on financial aid Students who plan to start college next fall should begin working on financial aid. Experts at ACT offer the following information to help families find the resources they need to complete their financial aid paperwork.

The most important form is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Beginning Jan.1, students will be able to submit the form that determines eligibility for student financial aid from federal programs. Students will need family income statements from their 2002 earnings to complete the form. Colleges and universities use the FAFSA, but may also require students to fill out additional forms. The FAFSA is available from high school counselors or at www.fafsa.ed. gov.

Financial Aid tips

from ACT:

* Apply early for admission and financial aid.

* Check with your college to determine if other financial aid forms are required.

* Apply for scholarships and grants.

* Look into work study programs.

Try these Web sites:

Financial Aid Need Estimator and financial aid information �

Free college scholarship search � The Financial Aid Information Page �

The Federal Government Financial Aid Page �


Free Application for Federal Student Aid �

Scholarship scams � www.ftc



For more financial aid specifics, please visit with your guidance counselor or visit

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