Tanager varsity’s terrific performance leads to victory over Parkston Trojans

Tanager varsity's terrific performance leads to victory over Parkston Trojans by Jim Prosser In a terrific performance praised by the coach, the Vermillion Tanagers pulled away in the second half to roll over the Parkston Trojans 67-47 in boys' basketball Jan. 10 at home.

Jon Brooks scored 20 points, made six assists and three steals. Nick Olson contributed 17 points and grabbed eight rebounds.

The Tanagers led 19-14 at the end of the first period, led 24-21 after the second quarter, and then led 49-32 after the third quarter.

"That was a fun game," said Vermillion varsity coach Jason Huska. "It took us awhile to get started, but the kids played a great third quarter. I'm really proud of our effort. Everyone contributed."

The Vermillion varsity improved its record to 3-6, while Parkston dropped to 4-2.

The Vermillion varsity connected on 3 of 16 three-point attempts and hit 20 of 25 from the line. The Tanagers connected on 22 of 46 field goal attempts, while Parkston was 20 of 65 from the field. Parkston hit 3 of 30 three-pointers and hit 4 of 9 free throw attempts.

Individual Stats, Vermillion varsity: Scoring � Jon Brooks, 20, Nick Olson, 17, Nathan Boots, 10, Jeff Brevik, 8, Adam Brunick, 5, Dave Yutrzenka, 1, Rob Schaack, 1, Jason Holoch, 1, Tyler Brown, 1. Rebounds � Olson, 8, Brevik, 7. Assists � Brooks, 6. Steals � Brunick, 3.

Individual Stats, Parkston: Scoring � Billy Maxwell, 13, Jared Degen, 12, Mike Bormann, 5, Adam Sudbeck, 5, Riley Laber, 4, Jon Thomas, 4, Max Leischner, 2, Justin Moege, 2. Rebounds � Degen, 8, Leischner, 6, Sudbeck, 6. Assists � Degen, 4. Steals � Maxwell, 3.

Team rebounds: Vermillion varsity � 31, Parkston � 35. Team fouls: Vermillion varsity � 13, Parkston � 22.

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