Tanager wrestlers participate in invitational

Tanager wrestlers participate in invitational The Tanager wrestling team participated in the Harrisburg Wrestling Invitational Jan. 18.

Other schools represented were Harrisburg, Beresford, Flandreau, Vermillion and Adrian, MN. Harrisburg was undefeated 4-0. Vermillion's dual record for the day was 2-2. At 130, Andy Hayner was Vermillion's only undefeated wrestler, with a record of 4-0.

Results included:

Flandreau 46

Vermillion 30

103 � Kyle Hubert (Ver) WBF over Brett Lueck in 1:31.

112 � Craig Powell (Ver) WBF over Shane Erickson in 3:21.

119 � Ryan Reed (Fl) won by forfeit.

125 � Chad Rydell (Fl) won by major decision over J.J. LaMie (Ver) 16-2.

130 � Andy Hayner (Ver) WBF over Jordan Christensen in 1:56.

135 � Raleigh Tiahrt (Ver) WBF over Logan Rose in 0:57.

140 � Noah Luttman (Fl) won by forfeit.

145 � Wade Quick (Fl) WBF over Tony Hanson (Ver) in 3:46.

152 � Open for both teams.

160 ��Beau Severtson (Fl) won by forfeit.

171 � Aaron Lacey (Fl) WBF over Adam Hasse (Ver) in 3:59.

189 � Taylor Birgen (Ver) WBF over Joe Giegling in 2:30.

215 � Brad Simons (Ver) WBF over Tyler Kills-A-Hundred in 1:27.

275 � Casey Kneebone (Fl) won by forfeit.

Harrisburg 66

Vermillion 6

103 � Koln Fink (H) WBF over Kyle Hubert in 5:00.

112 � Brandon Harris (H) won by decision over Craig Powell 11-8.

119 � Jake Cawthorne (H) won by forfeit.

125 ��Tyler Wright (H) WBF over J.J. LaMie in 3:11.

130 ��Andy Hayner (Ver) WBF over Chism Fink in 1:45.

135 � Eric Engberg (H) WBF over Raleigh Tiahrt in 1:45.

140 � Tyler Hanson (H) won by forfeit.

145 � Bill Ballard (H) won by decision over Tony Hanson 8-5.

152 � Tyler Johnson (H) won by forfeit.

160 ��Scott Gackle (H) won by forfeit.

171 � Kelly Cawthorne WBF over Adam Hasse in 3:20.

189 � Chris Enger (H) won by decision over Taylor Birgen 5-2.

215 � Brice Hamburg (H) won by decision over Brad Simons 7-6.

275 � Pat Aleck (H) won by forfeit.

Vermillion 48

Beresford 36

103 � Kyle Hubert (Ver) WBF over Tigh Faehnrich in 0:41.

112 � Craig Powell (Ver) WBF over Thomas Dubs in 0:242.

119 � Joe Knutson (B) won by forfeit.

125 � Sam Hansen (B) WBF over J.J. LaMie in 1:34.

130 � Andy Hayner (Ver) WBF over Brian Meyer in 0:30.

135 � Raleigh Tiahrt (Ver) won by forfeit.

140 ��Steve Bogue (B) won by forfeit.

145 � Tony Hanson (Ver) WBF over Chad Andrews in 2:58.

152 ��Bradigan Ross (B) won by forfeit.

160 ��Nathan Mendoza (B) won by forfeit.

171 ��Adam Hasse (Ver) WBF over Justin Lounsbery in 4:49.

189 � Taylor Birgen (Ver) WBF over Chris Weatherton in 0:13.

215 ��Brad Simons (Ver) WBF over Kyle Traversie in 1:24.

275 � Jon Serck (B) won by forfeit.

Vermillion 43

Adrian, MN 35

103 � Kyle Hubert (Ver) WBF over Zack Reker in 1:17.

112 � Craig Powell (Ver) WBF over Jordan Reker in 1:56

119 � Tyler Wagner (A) won by forfeit.

125 � J.J. LaMie (Ver) won by major decision over Josh Croat 13-2.

130 � Andy Hayner (Ver) WBF over Jon Konz in 0:45.

135 � Tyler Lursen (A) won by technical fall over Raleigh Tiahrt 20-4.

140 ��Tyler Vaske (A) won by forfeit.

145 ��Tony Hanson (Ver) won by forfeit.

152 � Tom Slater (A) won by forfeit.

160 � Jordan Brake (A) won by forfeit.

171 � Adam Hasse (Ver) WBF over Calvin Loosbrock in 1:47.

189 � Taylor Birgen (Ver) WBF over Will Lutmer in 1:27.

215 ��Brad Simons (Ver) won by decision over Wade Loosbrock 5-1.

275 � Jonas Boltjes (A) won by forfeit.

"We were able to keep our motivation levels up from last Tuesday night's matches," said coach Casey O'Connor. "The wrestlers came to Harrisburg to wrestle. We started the day out well against Flandreau with five wins. We struggled with Harrisburg, Hayner won our only match.

"Several of the matches could have gone in our favor if we could have eliminated our mental mistakes," he continued. "We gave up too many points in the last few seconds of each period. We continued the day by picking up two more dual victories against Beresford and Adrian, MN.

"I was extremely pleased with our overall effort put forth this weekend," O'Connor added. "I was also proud of our JV wrestlers who stepped up and competed for the varsity at Harrisburg."

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