Thorpes too much for Tanager varsity

Thorpes too much for Tanager varsity by Jim Prosser The Vermillion Tanagers were downed by the Pine Ridge Thorpes 82-63 in boys' basketball Jan. 4 at Pine Ridge.

"We faced an extremely athletic team," said Vermillion varsity Coach Jason Huska. "After we broke the press we did some good things. The kids fought back but we just had a big hill to climb."

The Vermillion varsity lost the game from three-point range, making 2 of 15 from long range compared with 11 of 24 for Pine Ridge.

Pine Ridge jumped in front 23-10 after the first quarter, and held an edge of 24-21 in the second quarter. Vermillion varsity had an advantage of 15-12 in the third period to cut the deficit to 59-46 going into the final period.

The loss dropped Vermillion varsity to a record of 1-5, while Pine Ridge improved to 6-1.

Vermillion varsity sank 23 of 31 free throw tries. The Tanagers hit 19 of 42 field goals, while Pine Ridge was 32 of 72 from the field. The Thorpes hit 7 of 11 free throw tries.

Individual Stats, Vermillion varsity: Scoring � Nick Olson, 31, Nathan Boots, 10, Jon Brooks, 7, Jeff Brevik, 3, Tyler Brown, 3, Adam Brunick, 3, Rob Schaack, 2, Nathan Scheidel, 2, Dave Yutrzenka, 2. Rebounds � Olson, 6. Assists � Brooks, 4, Boots, 4. Steals � Brevik, 3.

Individual Stats, Pine Ridge: Scoring � Ryan Pournier, 21, Lonnie Brewer, 19, Elton Three Stars, 12, Tyrel Salivay, 12, Kyle Keller, 8, Jess Hand, 8, Donnie LeBeau, 2. Rebounds � Pournier, 11, Keller, 9. Assists � Three Stars, 5, Salivay, 5. Steals � Brewer, 2.

Team rebounds: Vermillion varsity � 20, Pine Ridge � 28. Team fouls: Vermillion varsity � 12, Pine Ridge � 22.

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