Vermillion grapplers compete at Winner

Vermillion grapplers compete at Winner The Vermillion Tanager wrestling squad competed at the Winner Wrestling Invitational Jan. 25. The squad placed eighth, scoring 98 points.

Team Results: first, Mitchell 224.5; second, Winner 208; third, Lennox 178.5; fourth, Redfield 137; fifth, Hot Springs 120.5; sixth, Gregory 104.5; seventh, Valentine, NE 100; eighth, Vermillion 98; ninth, Lead 97; 10th, Belle Fourche 75.5; 11th, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 51; 12th, Custer 18.5; 13th, Todd County 16 and 14th, Pine Ridge 11.

Individual Placing: 103, Kyle Hubert, second; 112, Craig Powell, second; 119, Brett Nielsen, fifth; 130, Andy Hayner, third; 189, Taylor Birgen, sixth; 215, Brad Simmons, fourth.

First round: 103, Hubert received a bye; 112 Powell received a bye; 119, Nielsen received a bye; 125, Shaw (Hot Springs) WBF over LaMie in 1:46; 130, Hayner received a bye; 140, Vrooman (CEB) WBF over Hanson in 3:55; 171, Hasse (Ver) WBF over Gruenwald (RF) in 4:39; 189, Schmaltz (TC) won by major decision over Birgen 16-6; 215, Simons (Ver) won by decision over Kolessa (Val) 4-1.

Quarter finals: 103, Hubert (Ver) WBF over Mader (CEB) in 1:00; 112, Powell (Ver) WBF over Pullian (PR) in 1:25; 119, Kleinschmidt (LX) WBF over Neilsen in 1:09; 130, Hayner (Ver) won by decision over Brewer (LX) 10-9; 171, Sinclair (GR) WBF over Hasse in 0:25 and 215, Simons (Ver) WBF over Hodges (RF) in 1:39.

First round wrestleback: 125, LaMie received a bye; 140, Hanson (Ver) won by forfeit and 189, Birgen received a bye.

Second round wrestleback: 119, Nielsen received a bye; 125, LaMie (Ver) WBF over Schremp (CEB) in 3:05; 140, Hettinger (MIT) WBF over Hanson in 2:30; 171, Hasse (Ver) won by decision over Reynolds (TC) 14-8 and 189, Birgen (Ver) won by decision over Barbee 5-0.

Semi finals: 103, Hubert (Ver) WBF over Podoll (LD) in 3:55; 112, Powell (Ver) won by major decision over Klipperstein (HS) 12-4; 130, Hoffman (RF) won by decision over Hayner 10-4 and 215, Smit (LX) WBF over Simons in 1:12.

Third round wrestleback: 125, Schweitzer (LD) won by decision over LaMie 5-0; 171, T. Novotny (WI) won by decision over Hasse 10-4 and 189, Birgen (Ver) WBF over B. Novotny (WI) in 4:31.

Fourth round wrestleback: 119, Larson (MIT) WBF over Nielsen in 0:52; 130, Hayner (Ver) won by major decision over Michaud (PR) 19-9; 189, Schmaltz (TC) WBF over Birgen in 3:28 and 215, Simons (Ver) WBF over Kolessa (Val) in 0:50.

Finals: 103, Bice (WI) WBF over Hubert in 3:15; 112, Soulek (MIT) WBF over Powell in 0:10; 119, Nielsen (Ver) won by decision over Ulmer (WI) 8-1; 130, Hayner (Ver) won by decision over LaMont (HS) 8-6; 189, Tiff (RF) won by decision over Birgen 9-6 and 215, Curtis (WI) won by decision over Simons 6-0.

"The Vermillion Tanagers ended the Winner Wrestling Invitational by placing six of the nine wrestlers. The wrestlers are continuing to show improvements. Several of our young wrestlers gained valuable experience against good opponents," said coach Casey O'Connor. "We do need to work on our mental focus for the big matches. We need to learn to mentally prepare ourselves for competition. We simply lacked focus at times, which lost us valuable points. Overall, I feel the wrestlers are showing steady growth and are looking to peak at the right time."

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