Waivers for hay haulers extended

Waivers for hay haulers extended Because of the continued drought conditions, Gov. Bill Janklow has issued a three-month extension that waives many of the overwidth and overheight restrictions for hay haulers who are moving livestock feed over South Dakota's highways.

"Our producers continue to need the help. This is one way that government can make it easier," Janklow said.

The waivers will now remain in place until midnight, March 31. Without the extension, they would have expired on New Year's Eve.

Janklow's executive order directs that:

* The $20 fee for single trip movements of baled livestock feed and the $50 fee for annual baled feed permits be waived;

* Permission is granted to move overwidth baled livestock feed over any public highway of the state trunk highway system and interstate system in the State of South Dakota between one half hour after sunset and one half hour before sunrise; and

* The vehicles are not to exceed 12 feet in width, or 15 feet in height, and must be equipped with flashing or rotating white or amber warning lights placed at each side of the load's widest extremity. The warning lights shall be clearly visible to motorists approaching from front and rear.

The waivers are valid only for movement of baled livestock feed to a destination point within South Dakota.

This marks the second time Janklow has ordered an extension of waivers. He issued the original order in mid-August because of the drought.

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