Wakonda students are faring well academically

Wakonda students are faring well academically by Bethany Parvin Recently, several results have become available that put Wakonda School students in a favorable light academically.

The South Dakota Board of Regents High School to College Transition Report of high school graduates entering state universities as full time students ranked by G.P.A. reported that recent Wakonda High School graduates of the 2002 graduating class ranked number 15 with a G.P.A. of 3.17 in their first semester of college.

Other Southeast Area Co-op schools' rankings in the report are: #9 Viborg, #18 Elk Point, #38 Alcester, #49 Irene, #68 Beresford, #74 Centerville. Yankton and Vermillion high schools ranked #40 and #49 respectively in the report.

This year's senior class at Wakonda High School has an average ACT composite score of 23.3. Last year's state average (the most recent available) was 20.8. Wakonda is 2.5 points higher.

The ninth grade and fifth-graders took the state writing test this fall. There are four levels of scoring: below basic, basic, proficient, and advanced. The fifth grade class results are not reported because of small class size. There are not enough students to allow a fair report.

In the ninth grade, 25 percent of the students are at the basic level and 75 percent are at the proficient level in the writing skills tested.

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