Warriorettes’ mid-season record is 8 wins, 4 losses

Warriorettes' mid-season record is 8 wins, 4 losses by Tyler Knudson After a long trip to the Mitchell Corn Palace, the Wakonda Warriorettes played Emery in the first game showcasing some of the best "A" and "B" teams in the state at the Hanson Classic.

The 11:30 a.m. game on Saturday, Jan. 18 paired the Warriorettes with non-conference foe Emery. Wakonda's head coach, Stacy Huber, attended Mitchell High School and played most of her high school career in the Corn Palace.

"This was like going home for me; I was excited to show my family and friends our team," said Huber.

The games started sluggish with both teams not really familiar with the other. The Warriorettes' shooting was hit and miss against Emery's zone. But with balanced inside and outside threats, the Warriorettes kept the game close going into the locker at the half, trailing by one.

The Green Team scored the first three times down the court in the third quarter, thus putting them up by four early in the third quarter. Wakonda never looked back as they kept the lead for the rest of the game.

Leading scorers for the Warriorettes were Nikki Johnston with 17 points and Lindsay Nelson with 9 points. Kim Henriksen lead the team in assists with seven, and Nikki Johnston lead the team in rebounds with seven.

The Warriorettes' next game was at the Hanson Classic in Avon on Jan. 21. The Warriorettes dropped this game to the Avon Pirates, 58-64.

Top performers for Wakonda were Nikki Johnston with 16 points, eight rebounds and three assists and Lindsay Nelson with 13 points, four rebounds and two assists.

The Warriorettes also lost the junior varsity game.

After losing to Avon, the Warriorettes traveled to Freeman to play Freeman Academy. The game was not very close. The top performers were Lindsay Nelson with 21 points and six assists, and Chelsa Bohlmann and Andrea Gregoire, who both had 16 points.

The Warriorettes' season record is now 8-4.

"This year has been a tough lesson in coping for us. We have been plagued with injuries all year, but we are still plugging through and winning most of our games," said coach Huber. "Come tournament time, we hope to be a fully-recovered team that will win when it matters."

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