What would you do if you won $1 million?

What would you do if you won $1 million? by Bethany Parvin Kim: I would pay for all of my college and buy myself a four-door 350 power stroke diesel! Then I would distribute some to my family and give some to the Wakonda School District.

Emily: I would pay for college, buy a new car and some clothes, of course!

Eric: Buy a Hummer and a Dodge Viper.

Nikki: Buy a new house between Irene and Wakonda (just for Emily), move into it and say goodbye to my parents! I would also buy a new car to replace my wonderful Corsica.

Heather: I would go to Germany for a month. Buy a car. If I liked it in Germany I would live there.


Alex: Invest it and make MILLIONS.

Mr. Muth: I would be a teacher at Wakonda High School & buy everybody Red Corvettes.

Move to the moon so I wouldn't have to pay taxes!

Tyler M.: Buy some nice cars and then a house. Invest the rest.

Lindsay K.: I would buy a car and a house, pay for college pay off my parents' debts, go on a shopping spree, give some to charity and save the rest.

Brandon: I would invest!

Cassie: I would fix up my new house, by a car give some to my mom and dad puts some away for college.

Natalee: Throw everything in my room away and go buy new junk. I'd buy a VW minivan and put the rest in my banking account ? then I'd get a checking system and buy whatever whenever ? I'd also buy a potbelly pig and buy it a spike collar and name it Fluffy. And then I'd go on a cruise to Hawaii for a month ? then I'd bribe my parents to make me go to Vermillion school.

Mrs. Huber: I'd do exactly what I'm doing but my girls' basketball team would wear uniforms of gold and my students could all afford college. I might get some new shoes, too.

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