Chestnut timeline

Chestnut timeline
* Dec. 4, 2000

Vermillion City Council passes motion to proceed with Chestnut Street project.

* Jan. 5, 2001

Petitions are filed to refer proposed project to a public vote.

* Jan. 15, 2001

Following advice of City Attorney Martin Weeks, city council decides against referendum.

* April 15, 2002

City council votes to condemn three tracts of privately owned property for Chestnut project.

* May 16, 2002

Thirty-two pages of petitions are filed at City Hall to refer condemnation to public vote. City schedules election on Nov. 5, 2002.

* Nov. 5, 2002

Vermillion voters approve condemnation 1,773 yes, 1454 no.

* Feb. 5, 2003

Circuit Judge Glen Eng rules that December 2000 city action is referable.

* Feb. 18, 2003

City council schedules April 8, 2003 vote on Chestnut Street project.

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