Clubs Grand conductress visits Juno Chapter

O.E.S. Grand Conductress Jan Hadrick of Yankton made her official visit to Juno Chapter Feb. 21. Hadrick was a guest at the past matron's noon luncheon at the temple. A corsage was presented to her.

A school of instruction for the officers was held at 2 p.m. Roberta Goodhope and Meredith Larson of Hurley assisted in the degree work.

The evening meeting opened at 8 p.m. with 60 members of Juno and area Chapters attending. Dona Dee Peterson presented the candlelight service to the star points. The initiatory ceremony was exemplified by Kate Nielsen and Audry Norby and officers of Juno.

A coin march was given to the Cleft Palate Institute of the Shriners. A monetary gift was presented to Juno's instructor.

Remarks were given by the Grand Conductress, Worthy Grand Matron Rose Hornstra, Armour, and Past Grand Matron Joyce Jones of Ft. Pierre.

Distinguished guests were introduced as follows: W.G.M. Rose Hornstra of Armour; Past Grand Matron and Grand Treasurer Joyce Jones of Ft. Pierre; Past Grand Patrons Jim Novak, Richard Buechler, T. Archie Ireland and Charles Bryan, all from Yankton; and Calvin Rosenbaum of Vermillion. Appointed and elected grand officers were Arnold Appelt, associate grand patron, Brookings; Max Jones, grand chaplain of Ft. Pierre; and Grand Ruth Georgia Viereck of Hartford. Grand Chapter Committee members are Grand Historian Carmen David of Sioux Falls, and John Pudwick of Alexandria, on O.E.S. Life Membership Committee; Worthy Matrons Christine Bryan, Yankton, and Janice Erickson of Centerville; Worthy Patrons Vernon Anderson of Centerville and Larry Griffith of Hartford.

There were five grand representatives, 19 past matrons and two past patrons Protem officers assisting were Audry Norby, John Sealey and Jill Willardson. Five 50 year members were present.

Evening refreshments were served by Terri Horner, Beverly Orr and Betty McCambridge.

Rotary learns benefits of Reading Recovery

The Vermillion Rotary Club, with Barry Vickrey presiding, met for its weekly lunch Tuesday at the Silver Dollar. Our guests from Vermillion High School were Derrick Mehlhaff, Brooke Nelson, Kayla Nelson and Mike Nelson.

Guest speaker at this week's meeting was Dr. Garreth Zalud, a professor of elementary education at The University of South Dakota who also serves as a registered trainer of teacher leaders for the Regional Reading Recovery Training Center, located on the USD campus.

Reading Recovery is highly effective short-term intervention of one-to-one tutoring for low-achieving first graders. The intervention is most effective when it is available to all students who need it and is used as a supplement to good classroom teaching.

"The whole idea behind Reading Recovery is that if you catch children early (who suffer from reading problems) and intervene with intensive intervention, you can be successful," Zalud said.

The regional Reading Recovery center located in Vermillion serves an eight-state area.

"We've served 14,000 children in that region," Zalud said. "We collect data on every child that we serve."

The rate of successfully bringing a poor-reading child's skills up to average levels is 57 percent among youth who receive just a few Reading Recovery lessons. That statistic skyrockets to 80 percent among students who complete the 12- to 20-week series of lessons.

Follow-up studies indicate that most Reading Recovery students also do well on standardized tests and maintain their gains in later years.

Students in the Reading Recovery program receive one-on-one interaction with an instructor for 30 minutes each school day. That interaction includes reading books, working with letter recognition and writing.

"The lessons start by reading very simply to the students," Zalud said. "We then eventually read more difficult books as the students progress, and give them one or two teaching points.

"We try to teach how to strategically problem-solve," he said.

Reducing the number of first-grade students who have reading difficulties benefits more than just the individual students. Reading Recovery is a proven revenue saver for school districts. Studies have shown that Reading Recovery, by eliminating some children's needs for long term specialized help, is cost efficient.

Seniors meet for cards, dominoes

Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 18, there were two tables of dominoes with 11 players.

Table one had a very low scoring day as five rounds were played before anyone reached 100 points in scoring. Veronica Heimes, Vaneta Youngworth and Marlene Amundsen each won four rounds out of the 13 played. Low scores at each table were Veronica Heimes and Jayne Merrigan, and Mid-point scores went to Robin Eisenmenger and Babe Manning.

Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 19, there were 41 players. 18 played bridge with these prizes; first, Marlys Miller; second, Shirley Riehle; third Ernie Miller; bogie, Bob Michael; and low Leone Kryger.

Refreshments were served by Marilyn Siecke and Leona Kryger.

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