Fremstad prepares for year-long exchange trip

Fremstad prepares for year-long exchange trip Britt L. Fremstad of Vermillion, is one of 25 recipients of a scholarship opportunity to live and study in Japan.

Fremstad, a student at Vermillion High School, will depart for Japan on March 9 to live with a volunteer host family and attend high school through the Japan-U.S. Mutual Understanding Program for the 21st Century (JUMP).

JUMP is funded by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. The treaty was renewed last year by Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka of Japan and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The signing of this treaty was a significant moment in history, not only marking an end to World War II, but also restoring sovereignty to Japan. This scholarship is intended to promote the peaceful understanding between our nations through our youth.

Fremstad competed nationally for the chance to live with a volunteer host family and attend academic classes in Japan as a "typical" Japanese high school student. Prior to their flight to Japan, the scholars will attend a brief orientation in California which will provide them with an introduction to the Japanese language and culture.

During the exchange experience, the JUMP scholars will meet foreign dignitaries, learn skills and perspectives necessary to meet the challenges of today and become familiar with the opportunities our global community offers.

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